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We have always had a sales policy in place.  It goes over our return and guarantee policies.  However it seems as if many people just never bother to read it.   So soon we will begin implementing a new process.  All buyers must read and submit that they have read, understand and agree with this form that outlines all of our policies and health guarantees.  

Be sure the date on your printed Sales Policy matches the date on this page. The policy on this page supersedes any policy in the printable files that may not be updated yet. 

We recommend you print this policy for your records.  The policy on this page supersedes any other policies found on our website or social media pages.  Policy is subject to changes and exceptions at our sole discretion.   

Date of last update(s):  4/30/2021

Terms used in this document:

Buyer: Person completing this form

We/Cornerstone Acres/Cornerstone Acres Farm/Seller: Cornerstone Acres Farm

Animal/Livestock: The animal listed in a specific purchase agreement.

Deposits and payments:

Non-Refundable Deposits are required hold an animal. Deposits are normally half of purchase price. We are often able to be flexible. A deposit will only hold an animal once the agreed amount is paid. Checks and money orders must clear the bank before they are considered paid. There will be a limited amount of time between agreement of sale terms and Cornerstone Acres Farm receiving the deposit, usually 4-10 days. If that amount of time passes with no deposit received at Cornerstone Acres, we will not hold the animal any longer and will offer the animal for sale with no obligation to notify Buyer of this change. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE unless Cornerstone Acres decides to cancel the sale or cannot make the animal available within the agreed upon timeframe (ie, death or illness of animal). Deposits will not be refunded if Buyer decides to cancel purchase or Buyer cannot/will not make final payment(s).

We accept check, cash or money orders for deposits. At this time, we rarely utilize online payment methods. However we are open to discussing online payments on a case by case basis. Cash is the only acceptable payment at time of pick up. Checks and money orders MUST clear our bank before an animal can be picked up.


At the time a deposit is placed Cornerstone Acres will give Buyer an approximate ready date. Buyer should contact the Seller at least one week prior to that date to schedule a pick up date. Cornerstone Acres reserves the right to hold back an animal up to two weeks beyond the ready date given if we feel it is necessary for the wellbeing of the animal. Buyer is responsible for picking up any animal(s) they purchase or to schedule a third party transporter if needed. If a scheduled pickup date is not kept by the Buyer or if a pickup date isn’t scheduled within 14 days of the ready by date, Cornerstone Acres reserves the right to cancel the sale and relist the animal for sale. The deposit will NOT be refunded in these cases. In some cases Cornerstone Acres may opt to instead to begin charging a daily boarding fee to the Buyer prior to cancelling the sale. This option would give the buyer extra time to pick up their animal, while offsetting incurred costs for the Seller. These daily fees will run $4-$8 per animal/ per day depending on the species of livestock involved in the transaction. Any balances due and all boarding fees must be paid before animal can be picked up. If accrued boarding charges exceed the amount of a deposit paid, the animal will automatically go back up for sale and the Buyer will forfeit the full deposit amount. Animals will NOT be released to either the Buyer or their third party shipper if the animal is not fully paid for and if all checks and money orders have not yet cleared through Cornerstone Acres bank. If the Buyers has a third-party shipper involved in the pickup of an animal, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to contract and pay the shipper. Once an animal is picked up by either the Buyer or by a third-party contracted by the buyer, the Seller’s liability for that animal ends. Seller will not be held responsible for any injury, sickness or death resulting during transport.


Goats under 24 months of age will come with registration applications based on their eligible registry. (American Boer Goat Association or Myotonic Goat Registry)

Jacob sheep will also come with registration applications if eligible. Keep in mind that Jacob rams cannot be registered until 6 months of age and require inspection to be registered. Cornerstone Acres Farm will not guarantee the ability of any sheep to pass registration inspections.

Kunekune pigs can only be registered by the breeder (Cornerstone Acres Farm). Any piglet born here on the farm should have DNA completed and registration pending before the animal leaves the farm. If a pig is eligible for registration, Buyer will receive a piglet contract that outlines all information prior to placing a deposit. Transfers and registrations in the buyers name will be completed once animal is paid in full. Cornerstone Acres Farm has no control over how long the registry or the DNA lab may take to complete their part of the registration process. If time is of the essence for the Buyer, please inquire as to what timeframe is expected. Most of our pigs can be dual registered. At this time however we will be registering piglets with ONLY one registry (this will be determined on a litter by litter basis). If the buyer requires a certain registry, please be sure to discuss with the Seller before placing a deposit.

Vet checks, Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), health certificates and other supplemental services:

Buyer can request that a veterinary inspection be done before the animal leaves Cornerstone Acres Farm. CVIs/health certificates may be required for an animal to travel to another state (Animals currently reside in Michigan). Any requested exams or required CVIs (including any required tests) will be the financial responsibility of the Buyer. All services must be paid for prior to the rendering of these services. If a deposit has already been paid to Seller and cleared the bank some services may be performed as long as the total for those services do not exceed the amount of the paid deposit. Costs will depend on the quote Cornerstone Acres receives from the vet. An additional travel fee of $20 per visit may be levied to the buyer for Cornerstone Acres Farm to take animal(s) to the veterinarian offices. Advance notice will be required so that appointments can be scheduled and test results can be back in time for pickup or transport, anywhere from one to six weeks may be required. If health certificates or CVIs are denied by veterinarian, Seller will notify Buyer. Buyer will have the option to terminate the purchase agreement within 10 days (in writing). If buyer decides to terminate, deposits will be refunded to Buyer LESS THE VETERINARY EXPENSES INCURRED FOR SAID TESTING AND EXAM. Seller has 30 days to refund any owed deposit money. It will be up to the Buyer to obtain any import certificates that may be required for their state (if not done in conjunction with a CVI).

Guarantees, returns and refunds:

All animals will be healthy at the time of transfer of physical ownership. Healthy is defined here as: No known or undisclosed life threatening medical issues. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to inspect animal for any obvious signs of injury, illness or defect prior to taking ownership.

In the event that within 7 days of pick up from Cornerstone Acres Farm’s location, a Buyer obtains written confirmation from a licensed veterinarian that the animal was NOT healthy at the time of pick up, the Buyer must notify Cornerstone Acres Farm in writing of the finding within 7 days from animal being seen by the veterinarian. Notification must include vet confirmation and permission for Cornerstone Acres farm to discuss the stated issue with the Buyer’s veterinarian. Cornerstone Acres Farm reserves the right to make the sale right in one of the following ways. 1) offer an animal of equal or greater value. In this case pick up of the replacement animal would be the responsibility of the buyer and return of the “defective” animal may be required, also at the Buyer’s expense. Buyer will be required to transfer any registrations of the “defective” animal back to the Seller. Seller will be responsible for paying any registration transfer fees in this case. Any requested or required veterinary exams pre-pickup of replacement animal will be financially the responsibility of the Buyer. 2) Offer a full or partial refund of the purchase price (No pre-pickup or post-pick up veterinary fees incurred that were above the purchase price will be refunded.) It may be required that Buyer return animal to Seller at Buyer’s expense before refund is made available. It may also be required that Buyer transfer registration back to the seller, at the cost of the Seller. No refund of pre-pickup or post-pickup veterinary expenses will be made. 3) If after discussing the issue with Buyer’s veterinarian the issue cannot specifically be tied to an event, genetics or the care of the animal prior to leaving Cornerstone Acres or if the issue cannot be definitively stated to have been present at time of pickup, Seller reserves the right to not offer replacement or refund of animal.

Animals that are sold by Cornerstone Acres and paid for in trade with an animal from Buyer will be handled the same way as outlined above. In any circumstance where a refund to Buyer is warranted, Cornerstone Acres reserves the right to pay the refund in cash in lieu of the Seller returning the trade animal unless it is otherwise stated in writing in a purchase agreement regarding the sold/traded animals in question.

Cornerstone Acres Farm reserves the right to take any Buyer’s concerns with or without a veterinary inspection on a case by case basis and may offer replacement or refund on animals not meeting the criteria above, however this will be done at the sole discretion of the Seller. In ANY case the Buyer will be responsible for transport and to complete registration transfers if a live animal is returned to Seller.

UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED IN A SEPARATE WRITTEN BUYER’S CONTRACT, animals are sold AS-IS and Cornerstone Acres will not guarantee any of the following:

Ability to breed – ability to mother offspring – show quality – adult height or weight – growth rates – temperament – ability to perform or do a task – ability to be used for a specific purpose – status of pregnancy –

Cornerstone Acres Farm is not liable for any injury, illness, maiming or death arising from the Buyer’s care, feed, transport, housing, training or maintenance of the animal. Cornerstone Acres will NOT BE LIABLE to Buyer for any of the following:

Any latent defects, disease or deformities – loss of income – loss of use – replacement costs – other damages whether directly or indirectly related to purchase of animal – incurred veterinary expenses, exams or testing – transport fees

In ANY event Cornerstone Acres Farm’s liability will never exceed the purchase price paid for an animal.

Thank you for submitting your Sales Contract. If you had any concerns we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you had no questions, we will contact you about moving forward with the sale.
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