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Raising Goats Class

We will present to you an approximately 5 hour seminar on basic goat care, breed information and uses of goats. 

We will try and cover the following topics in discussion:

1) Feed and nutrition

2) Pasture/fence requirements 

3) Breeds of goats ( the following breeds will be represented either in crosses or purebreds : Kiko, Boer, Myotonic)  No in depth breed discussions at this time just touching base on the pet, meat, fiber and dairy sides of owning goats.  We will touch base on the “good” and “bad” points of each breed.

4) Basic health care and maintenance (We are NOT veterinarians nor do we have the experience or training to diagnose or treat your animals.  We recommend that any time you are unsure of what may be wrong with your animal that you consult your local veterinarian)

5) Hands on demonstrations involving hoof trimming, administering oral and injection medications, harvesting fiber, milking, taking a goats temperature and identifying the parts of a goat.  (This may vary in each segment of the demonstration)

6) Some basics on herbal remedies.

7) Predator control

8) Biosecurity

While we may not be able cover all the information pertinent to owning goats, we will do our best to answer all your questions and give you a great start.   Owning goats, as with any animal, is a never ending learning process.


$25 per adult person (17+) with prepayment (contact us for registration form)or $32 at the gate.

$5 per child under 17  with prepayment or $8 per child under 17

Supervised children under 5 are free

Discounts- 10% multi-class can be applied to this seminar

Dates and Times:  


Class dates are tentative at this point PLEASE confirm classes are running before coming to the farm.

Class Size:

Minimum:  We would like to try and schedule at least 5 attendees to run a class. 

No maximum

Age Requirements:


Dress Code Recommendations:

Dress comfy in clothes that can get dirty as we will be doing lots of hands-on with the goats.  Dress for  the weather.

Testimonials from past attendees

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Pictures from past classes

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Farm Production Totals

Wow...I'm WAY behind in posting totals.  I guess 2017 will be a better year.  ;)


(last update 6/22/17)

Meat: 0

Vegetables/fruits: 48#

Eggs (chicken only):  1038

Honey: 0

Maple Syrup: 0 (this year is a bust)

Fiber: 2.94 oz

Babies born/hatched: 97

Jars into the pantry (dehydrated and canned): 16

Milk: 20+ gallons (I haven't been keeping track very well!)

New Additions:  12



(last update 10/31/15)


Meat: 362#

Vegetables/Fruit: 551.88#

Eggs: 1918

Honey: 28#

Maple Syrup:  2 gallons

Angora Fiber:

Babies Born/hatched:  157

Jars into the pantry: 113

Milk: 16 gallons

New additons:  60 (plus a nuc of bees)
























Meat: 240#

Vegetables/Fruit: Didn't keep track

Eggs: 3348

Honey: 1 pint

Maple Syrup: None

Angora Fiber: 5 oz

Babies Born/hatched: 168

Jars into the pantry: 150

Milk: 5 gallons