Cornerstone Acres Farm 

Sharing the cornerstones of good natural living and self sufficency. 

We will try to have the following items  available for local sales...

Seeds, seedlings, fresh vegetables and herbs, jams and jellies, sauces and relishes, gift baskets, maple syrup, chicks, piglets, working stock LGD puppies, eggs, rabbits, manure, ducks, meat birds, meat rabbits, raw fiber, raw pelts, goat feeders, herdsharesCSA sharesSoaps, tractor implements, soaps and of course GOATS.

We are also able to accept PayPal payments for some items and some items are available for shipping, livestock not included.  Please contact us for additional info regarding these alternate payment and shipping methods. Click HERE for information regarding Bartering your goods or services for our products or animals for sale.  

What we have to offer:

See individual listings below for details.  (last update 7/2/18)

Check out our STORE for online purchasing of most items. 

Eggs (almost always available during the summer months and also limited availability in the winter)

Goat feeders Generally made to order (only takes a day) but we might have one or two made up, so feel free to  contact for availability

Fiber Feel free to contact us if there is something specific you are looking for. (wool, angora, alpaca)

Jams, Jellies and Sauces (check the list below to see what is available)

Gift Baskets (made to order!)

Seeds, Seedlings and Plants (Comfrey, Egyptian Walking Onions, spearmint, peppermint and chocolate mint currently available - 2018 seedling list coming soon.)

Maple Syrup Nothing available until 2019

Fresh Vegetables All out until 2018

Hay (coming again summer 2018)

Manure (always something available)

KuneKune pigs, Goats, Chicks, Puppies, Ducks and Rabbits (will open new page)

Rabbit pelts (finished or unfinished) (we almost always have a few raw pelts in the freezer)

Wild Ramps The season is over for 2017

Herdshares Coming soon! Get your farm fresh raw goats milk directly out of your own goat!! Stay tuned for more information.

CSA shares   Meat, vegetables and more straight from our farm to your table

Pastured Pork  We will be selling (whole only) pastured all natural pork. 

Pastured Goat Selling whole ready to butcher chevon

Pastured Sheep  Selling whole ready to butcher lamb

Meat Chickens, Ducks and Rabbits Contact to place your order now

Barter Often times we are willing to work out a deal for items or skills you might have. 

Handmade all natural soaps - visit our page featuring our new line of natural cold process goats milk soaps

And we have gift certificates available for everything animals!  

Animals: You can now safely buy that special someone a goat, pig, sheep or puppy! 

 Purchase at today's prices for tomorrows animals.  Gift certificates are good for 24 months so they can pick when they are ready to bring that special addition home and also take time to choose that special critter from multiple available animals.

(Some restrictions apply for puppy sales.)

Classes:  Gift certificates for classes are good for one year to give your loved one the convenience of coming to a class that works with their schedule.  

Meat, fiber and CSA share gift certificates available too!  

Please have patience while we revamp our products page.  As we transition to licensed selling of cuts of meat and opening our storefront this page is taking the back burner.  Check with us via email or our Facebook page for more up to date information. 

Meat Chickens, Meat Rabbits and Meat Ducks

No need to pay up front, but if you just let me know how many you would like I can let you know when they can be ready.  These are fed non-GMO feeds and are raised totally natural (no antibiotics or chemicals of any sort....and that includes the parents of the rabbits as well).  While we are not certified organic, these animals are raised as close as possible to all organic methods. and never given steriods or antibiotics.  We also include pasture in  the diets of all offered animals during the warmer months.  Chickens, turkeys and ducks will primarily only be raised during the warmer months. 
If you are interested in learning to slaughter and process your own animals, please let us know.

Rabbit: (average size 3-5#) $15 each 
Live pricing (for MEAT quality rabbits only): Not available
Next expected processing dates for available rabbits:
To be determined
Whole only. You can have the organ meats (heart, liver, kidneys) if you would like. Why not also take along the ears and feet….they make good healthy and chemical free dog treats! We generally butcher around 12 weeks to give a nice well-proportioned roaster. Typical weights are about 3-5# packaged. We also butcher as early as 8 weeks to give a smaller fryer.   Generally we will try and have litters of rabbits ready to process every 2-3 weeks.  If you would like to place an order to secure your prefered number of rabbits that would be great.  We hope to have rabbits available pretty much all year.  However excessive heat during the summer months or excessive cold during the winter months may limit when we choose to have our rabbits kindle  If you would like to coordinate a litter for a specific time, feel free to let us know that as well, we should be able to manage that pretty easily. 
  Even the grow out rabbits get tractor time!

Chickens: (Average size 5-9#)  each processed bird  $15  Can be cut up for an additional .75 a bird.
Live pricing:  $2 off per bird 
Pre-order discount - $1.00 per bird
Next expected process dates for unspoken for chickens:  TBD
 Quantity: TBD
They can be cut up or whole. Organs and/or feet can be included if you would like. These are flavorful meaty and large breasted birds! We butcher around 6-8 weeks and the birds typically weigh around 5-9#.
Since we do not breed the chicks here we need to order them.  We would like to do two batches of 25 chickens per year. Availability will be on a first come first serve basis on butchering day UNLESS you prearrange your order.  If we get orders for more than 25 birds prior to bringing in the chicks we will be happy to raise more than 25 at a time. Chickens will be raised on both pasture and non-GMO feeds. 
This is a smaller chicken tractor that will hold at most 10-12 older birds or a couple dozen young chicks.
Ducks: Average packaged size - 6-10# $16 each (packaged whole only) NOTE:  We get quite a few orders for live birds as ducklings, so if you are going to want meat birds either live or processed we recommend you pre-order.
Live pricing:  $15 each
Pre-order discount - $1.50 per bird.
Next expected  butcher date: TBD
Quantity:  TBD
Our ducks are 100% free ranged and supplemented with non-gmo feed.  Availability of processed ducks is limited so let us know ASAP if you will be interested.



Pastured Pork

Pricing: Sold by whole hog only $2.85 hanging weight  (buyer responsible for processing costs)

 Current status:   Two gilts currently growing out that were born fall 2016.  Contact us for availability. 

 NOTE:  We will be switching to raising KuneKune pigs for our pork and offering these pigs beginning in 2019.

We will be raising pastured pork for buyers. Selling whole hog only. But our hogs are smaller so you won't be overrun with pork! We will raise the pig on a pasture of primarily grasses and clovers (and a few other assorted plants) in summer. Supplemented with fermented non-gmo grains (barley and oats primarily) and organic vegetables from our garden and plantings made specifically for the livestock. In the winter months we feed organic hay, fodder and the same non-gmo feed mixture we feed in summer.

We have two breedings of pigs that will be available. One is a 50/50 cross of AHH & Mulefoot/Mangalitsa. The other is a 75/25 cross of AHH & Mulefoot/Mangalitsa. All three heritage breeds carry a dark red and marbled meat. They also offer up a good amount of fat/lard to be used in soapmaking or cooking. Did you know that lard from pasture pigs is a good source of Vitamin D?

UPDATE:   We added a Berkshire/Mulefoot Cross gilt to our breeding lineup, piglets and pork should be available from this crossing in late 2017. 

Payment terms:
Buyers will put a deposit of $100 per pig and then once ready for processing we will take to a local butcher (please contact us for location options). The cost from there will be $2.85 per pound HANGING WEIGlHT PLUS PROCESSING.  Hanging weight is figured after entrails are removed.  On average the deposit is about half of what you will pay in hanging weight charges (but it CAN vary).   

We will coordinate with each buyer to determine approximately when pig will be brought to butcher.  This includes having each buyer fill out a standard cuts list.   Sometimes we will have unspoken for stock "in process" so wait time will be less (contact for availibility).   Often however we will take deposits right around the time the piglets are born.   Optimum butcher time is about 9-10 months.  Estimated live weight at time of butcher is approximately 200# but it CAN vary.  

The amount of $2.85 per pound hanging weight is due to Cornerstone Acres within 5 days after we drop off the pig at your chosen butcher. We will notify you of hanging weight within 24 hours of drop-off.  Processing charges (and slaughter fees if applicable)  are due TO THE BUTCHER when you pick up packaged meat from their location. The original deposit will be subtracted from the total due to Cornerstone Acres.  Basic processing charges are around 45 cents per pound and slaughter fees are around $60 per animal.   Additional charges may be incurred for additional smoking or additional sausage types ordered. Please check pricing with your chosen butcher prior to us arranging drop-off.  Buyers are responsible for purchasing entire hog and can not pick and choose individual cuts to buy at this time. The cut form provided prior to processing will allow you to decide exactly what cuts and processing you want your whole hog turned into.

Currently the number of hogs we are able to raise will be limited so place your order soon. We will be able offer a few hogs about every 8-12 months

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Goat feeders

This feeder saves floor space but still allows at least 7 large breed adult goats and their kids to eat all at one time - I've counted 9 yearlings and adults at one time eating together comfortably on our feeder. I would however recommend it to be about 1 feeder per 5 full size goats.  The hole size we use is working out very well and doesn't cause rubbing on noses. This design allows for very easy loading and cleanout. Depending on the size of your bales you should be able to fit at least 1/2 of a bale into each feeder.  We have 55-60# square bales and that is approximately what we can fit.  We have not used it for loose hay such as what would be peeled off of a round bale or what would come straight off a field.  It also gives you the versatility of height adjustment and the hay waste is next to nothing (an amazing acheivement when dealing with goats). I think a top could easily be made for it so it could be hung outside and would still stay dry.  We will NOT be offering lids with the feeders however.

$35 each (35 gallon size) 


We have also started making 55 gallon size feeders.  While we personally prefer the smaller white barrels as the goats seem to not be able to reach all the hay in the 55 gallon barrels.  However this does work to our advantage in a couple of our hard to reach pens.  We can stuff a feeder full then instead of hauling hay out to those pens each day we just rearrange the hay left in the center.  This gives us two or three days without hauling hay to those barns!  A full bale of hay will fit into the 55 gallon feeders.

$50 each (55 gallon size)

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Chicken Eggs  $2.00 dozen 

Free range chicken eggs  in a range of colors from medium brown to green (no white eggs available).  Current availability is limited.  $2.00 per dozen.   We can always use egg cartons!

The interest in eggs has been much greater than I expected.   If you are one of those who would like to become a regular customer - we can work something out and hold your required amount of eggs each week or any other scheduled time frame that would work for you and your family.

We also now have a very limited quantity of DUCK EGGS available $3.00 a dozen. 

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Jams and jellies

Pricing:  4 oz - $2.50     8 oz - $4.00       16 oz - $6.00


Each jar is labeled with item description and ingredients list.  If you would like to know what is in a particular item before ordering - we will be happy to supply that to you.  Also, let us know if you are looking for a specific flavor or perhaps if you have a special dietary need, we may be able to accommodate you. 

Dandelion Jelly 4 oz and 8 oz  (sweet and light flavor) 

Strawberry Jelly 8oz

Strawberry Jam 8oz

Blueberry Jam 8 oz

Strawberry/Jalapeno Jam/dipping sauce/marinade  8oz and 16 oz   (sweet with a bit of kick, great on pork)

Strawberry/Cherry/Serrano Jam dipping sauce/marinade 8oz and 16 oz  (sweet with some tang and a bit more heat)

Rhubar-BBQ sauce (regular) 4 oz   (thick, rich and flavorful BBQ sauce, great on all your grilling )

Rhubar-BBQ sauce (extra spicy) 4 oz  (also thick, rich and flavorful, not overly spicy - just a kick of jalapeno)

Pear Honey (Jam) 4 oz  (an absolute ambrosia - similar to an apple butter type spread)

Sour Cherry Jam 4 oz and 8 oz  (tart and wonderful)

Blackberry Jelly  8 oz (dark, rich and full of flavor)

Rhubarb Cinnamon Jam 4 oz  (tart yet sweet with a touch of cinnamon)

Rhubarb Lavender Jam 8 oz  (let's just say - do you have a scone?  Sweet and fragrant jam)

Apple/Spearmint Jelly 4 oz and 8 oz (sunshine in a jar! Great apple flavor with a hint of spearmint)

Blackberry/Habanero BBQ sauce  8 oz (This one is HOT with a hint of sweet.  It is great on grilled chicken)

Blackberry/Basil Jelly (w/seeds) 8 oz  (an unusual but amazing combo)

Spiced Blackberry Jelly (w/seeds) 8 oz  (blackberry jelly that reminds me of the holidays)

Wild Red Raspberry Jelly (seedless)  4 oz and 8 oz  (a jar full of summer delight minus the seeds)

Wild Red Raspberry Jam   (the seeds are tender and the flavor is strong - It's a winner)

Peach Jam 8oz (Michigan summer in a jar!!)

Blueberry Jam 8 oz (Simply delicious, decadently full)

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Gift baskets

SORRY, BUT DUE TO THE HOLIDAY'S WE ARE EXTREMELY LOW ON GIFT BASKET STOCK. Feel free to contact us if you have a "themed" basket you would like us to produce.   We can do just about anything from camping and goat inspired baskets to wedding and country kitchen themed baskets.  The imagination is the only limitation! 

Gift baskets filled with 4oz to 16oz jars of homemade jellies, jams and sauces.  Each basket will include cloth placemats or napkins for a "liner" as well as some unique item.   Some unique items could include a vintage book, unusual cookie cutters,  a small butterfly house, a country handmade teddybear, cast iron trivet,  or a candle and holder.  Pictures of each available basket to follow.  (if you would like more specific pictures please let us know)

Please note: baskets or combos are unique and one of a kind.  Once sold there will not be another exactly like it. Also, any jams/jellies/sauces listed with a basket could possibly be switched with any (equal sized) jam/jelly/sauce available above.    

$8.00  "Berry Hot stuff" 

Includes: Teddybear with one pint jar of Strawberry/Cherry/Serrano dipping/marinade sauce


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Seeds, Seedlings and Plants  

All vegetable and herb seedlings: CLICK HERE to open a Word document containing prices, descriptions and plant availability for the 2015 season. 

Seeds:  $1.00 per packet.  Minimum seeds per packet:  25.

Tomatoes:  (all Non-GMO, bought original seeds at Baker Creek Seeds)

 Yellow Mortgage Lifters (HUGE meaty and delicious)

Stupice (good canning variety)

Gajo De Melon (a yellow/pink Cherry type tomato with hints of melon flavor)

 Black Prince (deeply colored and flavorful)

Red Zebra (a very "pretty" tomato of smaller size but big taste)

Comfrey Starts/plants:  $2.00 per plant 

Just a note on Comfrey.....Comfrey is extremely prolific and grows fast and well in most conditions, spreads heavily by root division (if YOU divide it or chop up the roots), but NOT by seed.  Just throw some rotted manure on it at the end of the season so it is fed for next year.  The leaves make EXCELLENT addtion to the compost pile.  The leaves also make an excellent addition (but NOT to be used as a staple) to the diet of pigs, rabbits, chickens and goats. It has high nutritional value and protien content.  It dries well and can be dried and stored to use as a winter supplement. 

Other cuttings available each spring:

Egyptian walking onions ($3.00 bundle)

Spearmint ($1.00 cutting)

Chocolate mint ($1.00 cutting)

Peppermint ($1.00 cutting)

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Fresh Vegetables


CURRENTLY AVAILABLE:  NONE (Check back in summer to see what we have available weekly.)

IN THE GARDEN:  This varies so much each year, but the below list gives you an idea.  Contact for exactly what we might have available or stop by our produce stand right at the farm!

The few things listed below we will be sure to get into the garden.  We will also be sure and put in zucchini, summer squash, some hot and mild peppers and hopefully some cucumbers. 

Bush Bean (Royalty Purple Pod) NON GMO (Yes, it has PURPLE pods that turn green when cooked!!)

Pole Beans

Lettuce (Cimmaron and head) NON GMO

Broccoli (Waltham 29)

Onion (Red Welsh) NON GMO

Onion (Jaune Paille Des Vertus) NON GMO


Australian Butter (long storing, orange-tan skinned pumpkin type) NON GMO

Bush Buttercup NON GMO



Tomatoes:  (all NON GMO)

Stupice (red)

Yellow Mortgage Lifter (yellow)

Red Zebra (red with yellow stripes)

Black Prince (blackish, chocolate brown)

Amish Paste (red)

Gajo De Melon (pink, yellow or marbled - cherry tomato)


Solar Flare

German Pinks

Other Vegetables:


Yellow Crookneck squash



Brussels Sprouts


Hot peppers

Sweet peppers


Garlic Chives 




Lemon Balm

Common Sage

Oregano (Origanum vulgare)



Italian Parsley



Chocolate Mint


Misc Perennial items

Egyptian Walking Onions


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Maple Syrup

Check back in 2018.

SIZE/PRICE:               AVAILABLE: 

Half Pint $3.50                 0

Pint $6.50                        0

Quart $13.00                    0   


To those who are local, I will refund 50 cents when you return the jar and ring (or bring in an equal jar and ring at time of purchase and I'll take 50 cents off then!)   Also, purchase 3 or more jars (any size) and I'll take 5% off the entire purchase.              

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Yep, we got POOP!! 

Available in grain bags that traditionally hold 50# of grain (the actual weight of the manure may vary).

You may drop off your own totes and/or barrels and we will fill them up and notify you when they are full.

Available manures:

Rabbit:  Mostly clean, but with some hay mixed in.  $3.00 per bag; tote/barrel price dependent on size

Chicken:  Mixed with layers of hay and feed Available by tote only (limited supply) price to be determined by size of tote

Horse:  Mostly clean:  $3 per bag in the winter (limited supply) May have trailer loads available in the spring. Priced by the tractor bucket scoop

Goat: Mixed with LOTS of hay and already starting to compost, only available in spring when we clean out the barns.  This will be available by the truck/trailer load only.  (Limited supply) Note: also mixed with Alpaca

Cow: Either with or without a mixture of hay.   Contact for pricing and availability

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Angora Rabbit fiber

Great Pyrenees undercoat (contact us for info)

Alpaca - for now lower end quality as our stock is a bit older, but please feel free to check back soon for additions!

Check back often.  As we get more of a collection of fiber from our rabbits we will be offering raw Angora rabbit fibers.  Prices to be determined by quantity purchased, quality and type.  Shipping available but is not included in fiber prices listed.  Call for shipping estimate.

Coming Soon - Jacob Sheep raw fleeces.  

Nothing currently available.


Shown below are some of our breeding stock angoras.  We will often have other color fiber from some of our younger rabbits as well.  Please feel free to contact us if there is a color or shade you might be looking for.





Chinchilla (French Angora)










Blue Tort (French Angora)   




Gold tipped Chocolate French Angora  










Blue French Angora


Smoked Pearl(?)



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Rabbit Pelts

We plan on tanning the pelts of some of our rabbits for our personal use.  However IF we get prolific at it, perhaps we will be able to offer some for sale.  

We also may have raw (frozen) pelts available from time to time as our busy schedule does not always allow us to finish all our projects.  Pricing will vary depending on: Age of rabbit, season of pelt (winter pelts are much thicker and lush), size of pelt and color.  

Price for raw  frozen pelts:  $3.00 each (any color)

Price of finished pelts starting at $5 each and going up to around $12 each.  We have mostly solid colored pelts.  Silver Fox will be a new one we should have available soon.

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 Ramps (leeks)

Limited supply available, please pre-order to ensure availability.  2017 season should begin in mid to late April.


$2.75/ 1/2 pound

Totally organic, wild foraged leeks.  I will only offer a limited amount (so as not to over forage our honey-hole) of about 15# this year.  Pricing includes the lovely yummy tops and the delicious bulbs. The bulbs freeze very well for later use in many recipes including pickling and soups. The tops are great fresh, but I also made a pesto last year (that freezes well) and a recipe similar to Kimchi using the ramp greens instead of cabbage and fermenting them. I'm sorry, but I will have to limit this to local sales at this time. If you have never tried ramps, when the season arrives stop out and try before you buy any one. If you like raw onions you will most likely find ramps very yummy....and just as potent on the breath of course. Ramps however are very distinctive in flavor almost an onion/garlic mix. Put you order in before the season begins so you get the freshest selection.....besides I would prefer to pick to order (no sense in harvesting 15 extra pounds if I only get orders for 5).

Check out this awesome website that not only sells ramps, but gives a great variety of recipes as well. (search their different leek selections to see different featured recipes)

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Some years we may have hay available for sale.  We are currently sold out until hay season 2018.  Please check back in May/June 2018.  If you are interested in being put on our hay list, please send us an email with "Hay" as the subject line.

Our hay is an organic grass mix.  We have different fields with different make ups.    We will be doing square bales.  Possibly a few round bales available upon request.  Square bales are to be picked up out of the field, or for a silghtly higher price we may stack onto our hay wagon and allow you (depending on your location) to use the hay wagon to haul the hay to your home.

Pricing will vary from year to year depending on the yield.  Pricing may also vary from field to field depending on hay quality.  Often we only do a first cutting, however if the year is a good one and we have enough request, we may find ourselves doing a second cutting.  Pricing for second cutting will also vary.  Prices will be posted each year.  

We are sold out of hay.

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BARTER:  We are  almost always willing to barter items. If you have something that we may need or can use, let us know!!  Do you have livestock, livestock supplies, fencing, plants, tools, household items, homemade items, etc that you are interested in trading for something we have (willing to barter anything we have for sale including CSA shares).....just let us know!!  Got a service to barter, let us know!   Are you a expert chicken plucker or perhaps a master pooper scooper? 

Here is a list of a few items that we are currently in search of, listed in no particular order.   If you have something not on the list that you think we might want, still feel free to contact us.  

  • mini size harness
  • mini size cart 
  • firewood
  • lumber
  • bee-keeping equipment
  • fishing equipment
  • canning supplies
  • stand alone stove top or working complete stove  
  • fruit trees
  • blackberry bushes
  • Stainless steel table
  • rabbit cages (stackable preferred)
  • Fencing
  • Gates (8', 4' and 12' are what we currently need)
  • Cattle panels or Hog panels
  • KuneKune pig(s) - sows, gilts or boars (registered only)
  • Chicken/rabbit tractors
  • T-posts
  • Wood posts
  • Mini pony or donkey
  • Sheep (breed negotiable, but Jacob sheep preferred) 
  • ????? What else do you have ?????

I will try and keep this "wanted" list updated the best I can.  Last updated 12/28/19.