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Poultry Raising Seminar

We have a few species here on the farm and would like to try and cover all of them in a two hour class. 

Depending on the season we will have broad breasted breeds of turkeys as well as some heritage breeds.  We have Muscovy ducks and usually all summer we have lots of ducklings in various stages of growth.  Our chicken flock consists of many “farm hens.  Many are crossbreeds hatched here on the farm.  A few are hatchery bought purebreds but most are just our fun crosses.   Throughout the warmer months we usually have pastured meat birds.

We would like to cover the following points for each species:


·         Choosing your stock

·         Housing (species specific and group housing)

·         Cleaning

·         Feed options

·         Health care and illnesses

·         Hatching eggs (via a broody bird or an incubator)

·         Raising meat birds

·         Butchering

·         Egg collection and storage

·         Free-range vs penned

·         Michigan laws regarding selling butchered birds and eggs

Each group of attendees will receive free-range eggs to take home!  Taste the difference if you haven’t experienced free-range eggs before.


$ 25 per adult person (17+)

$ 5 per child under 17

Supervised children under 5 are free

Discounts-10% multi-class can be applied to this seminar

Class Size:

Minimum:  8

Maximum:  None

Age Requirements:


Dress Code Recommendations:

Weather appropriate attire is suggested.