Cornerstone Acres Farm 

Sharing the cornerstones of good natural living and self-sufficiency. 

Over the years this website has either gotten too much attention from me or not enough.   There are many informational things found within these pages. I prefer not to delete this info after all the long hours I spent putting it into here, although in some cases I never finished some pages.   The shear number of pages has become quite unwieldy and I find I can't access them all from a mobile device.  To make matters worse, Webs (my hosting platform) changed some things so older pages take a very long time for me to convert to their new set up.   

I have listed each page name, description and link below.  Click page name to go to that page. 

Page Name
 Page Description
Tips for bringing your new animal home, our sales policy, return policy, guarantees and more
 Links to look up animal registrations, USDA information and more
Map, directions, visitor information, contact form and more
  Links to current and past contests, raffles and fun stuff like protect testing opportunities
 Some information on what you can expect to see in our pricing along with a list of items that we may be looking to trade for.  I do try and keep the list updated.  
 A page we have poured a lot of information into.   Many years worth of trial and error (and success) logged in this page. 
 I get asked a lot of questions from those just starting out.  I decided to start a page with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.   ***page under construction***
Downloadable calculators for gestation dates (all species), weaning/rebreeding, pedigrees (rabbit), feed ration, average daily gain, fodder growing, planting and seed starting and more.  
 Information regarding raising chickens and ducks.  Some information regarding the Muscovy breed. 
  Information regarding our venture into beekeeping.  **currently out of date**
 Homemade recipes that include laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, mouthwash and more. 
 Recipes for things like "hamburger helper" packages, homemade pasta and more
 Includes natural recipes we've used for wormers, anti-diarrheals, iron formulas and more.
 How to deter squash bugs,  soil amendment ideas and more.
 A listing of all the herbs we try to have on hand and that we have used.  Also includes some of our favorite links to other sites. 
 Items we have repurposed or reused; also a few things we hope to try someday
 Miscellaneous things like using pigs to till the garden to collect vintage books. 
For a few years we kept a journal of how our gardens produced.   ***currently out of date***
A page in remeberance to the ones special to our heart. 
A listing of things happening around the farm.  From events to expected birthdays.   ***currently out of date***
Some of our favorite farm photos. 
 "Facts" I have learned over the years. 
 We have just a few things available for purchase in our webstore. 
 You can also find our older blog posts here. 
Information to know before purchasing our livestock.  Breed specific info including feeding reccommendations, housing suggestions and general info.  Also some downloadable sheets/checklists you can use when picking up your animal or when preparing your medicine kit.     ***Page under construction***