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Deposits will come off the total due. Deposits are non-refundable. Expected ready dates subject to change based on processor availability. Final payments are due upon pickup. Payments for pigs delivered to processor must be paid for once a hanging weight is determined. Processors can not release product until Cornerstone Acres Farm is paid. Goats and Lambs must be paid in full prior to delivery to the processor.

Cornerstone Acres will deliver animal to the processor of buyers choice (as listed above). Buyers are responsible for all processing fees from the processor. Buyer is responsible for remitting a cut-list to Cornerstone Acres Farm prior to animal’s delivery to the processor. If Buyer is unable to do so, they will be responsible for getting the cut list directly to the processor. Buyer is responsible for picking up the following meats from their chosen processor: Pork, Lamb, Goat.

Chickens and ducks must be picked up on processing day. They can be picked up in Boon, Tustin or Manton. The pickup location must be scheduled prior to processing day. You can take or leave the giblets and feet from your birds. We will gladly take anything you do not want. Cleaning of gizzards has an additional .25 fee. Chickens and ducks come packaged in loose plastic bags. Cut up birds can be packaged by the bird (all bone in - one back, two wings, two thighs, two legs and one whole breast) or you can have all the same pieces packaged together (bags of just wings, just thighs, just legs, etc). Birds are fresh, not frozen.

Rabbits and quail must be picked up from our Boon location on day of processing. Rabbits and quail will come whole only. Quail can be skinned or plucked. Both Quail and Rabbits will come in shrink wrap packaging, fresh not frozen. You may take the unprocessed pelts from your rabbit(s) for an additional $2 each.

All processing dates will be finalized well in advance of the date. (about 8 weeks prior for chickens and ducks and up to 12 months prior for larger animals.) Once an order is submitted an invoice will be sent out with more specific dates, deposit due and total owed.

Deposit Information

Chickens 10% down 

Ducks 10% down

Whole or Half Hog $50 down

Goat or Lamb $50 down

An invoice will be emailed to you within 10 days after you send this form, deposits should be remitted within 7 days of receiving the invoice.  Your invoice will have approximate pick up dates, totals, etc. 

Order Form

Add the number of each item you would like in the text fields.  Be sure to answer any drop down questions if they apply to your order.  

Thank you for your order. We will email an invoice to you within the next 7 business days.
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Some info on the animals and our animal husbandry for the animals you are purchasing.

  1. Chickens are Cornish Cross broiler birds. Pasture raised (large fenced, but open area) and fed unlimited non-gmo feed. Corn is part of their feed, if you would like a non-corn based feed option, please contact us to discuss options. Average finished bird weight 10-12#
  2. Ducks are Muscovy. Mostly drakes will be processed. Ducks are processed in the year they are born. Ducks are grass fed, with limited grains gleaned from other species on the farm. Average finished bird weights Drakes: 6-7# Hens: 4-5#
  3. Our pigs are Kunekune pigs. There will be lard coming from your pigs. We are still in the beginnings of managing our pasture raised Kunekunes but we strive for an “ideal” fat cap of around 1.5” inches. Pigs sent for processing will be barrows, sows or gilts only. Boars may be available for a lesser cost, but must be asked for specifically. We have a custom hog mix made that we then ferment. Pigs graze all through the growing season and are fed hay during the winter months.
  4. Quail average around 4oz each (skin on). Our birds are fed a basic game bird feed.
  5. Rabbits average around 4# processed. Rabbits are outdoor colony raised. They are fed hay and pellets with unlimited access to growing greens.
  6. Our goats are all meat breed goats. We utilize Boers and Myotonic goats. Average meat yield is about 50#. Our goats are fed only pasture and hay during the warmer months. Some of our goats will have access to grain during the weaning process. Some may also have access to grain during the next kidding season when we feed grain to our lactating does.
  7. We will not have lambs in 2023. The lambs we offer are full blooded Jacob lambs and sometimes Jacob crosses. Lambs are fed primarily pasture and hay, with the occasional grain while the ewe is nursing.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding our animals or our current feeding and management plans. If you would like any special management or feed options, there may be something we can do to accommodate your needs, it never hurts to ask.