Cornerstone Acres Farm 

Sharing the cornerstones of good natural living and self-sufficiency. 

Just for the kids....and just for fun.

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A "class" just for the kids.  Based more on general learning of farm life....all the fun stuff!  Pet the animals, ride a cow, give treats to the alpaca, talk to a turkey, cuddle a baby bunny, snuggle a goat and MUCH more.  We do an organized farm tour of all the livestock and allow hands-on of almost all the animals.  We often have baby animals to get really up close and personal with.  All instruction and activities are geared towards individuals from age 5 to around age 10 but I assure you even "kids" from 11-99 should have a great time!

Classes will generally run about one or two hours but may run a little longer depending on how many children attend as we want to make sure each child has a great and fun experience with each animal.


$ 3 per person

Supervised children under 2 are free.

Discounts- None available for this event

Dates and times:

The second Saturday of each of the following months: 

May, June, July, August, September and October

Early tour begins at 11:00am and the late tour begins at 2:00pm.  

Please call first to make sure that the open tours will be held. 

Class Size:

Minimum: None

Maximum: 20 total attendees but we are flexible on this workshop as it is an open event

Age Requirements:


Dress Code Recommendations:

No open toed shoes.  Wear clothes that can get dirty! 

Goat kisses anyone?

How is the view up there?

Meet the piggies. 

Petting the turkeys.

Even the big kids have a great time. 

Barn cats and hay lofts. 


Coming Soon