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Please bear with us as we build this page about our Sheep flock consisting primarily of registered Jacob sheep.

We started our adventure with sheep in 2018.  Here are some candid photos of our flock. 

Proud member of the JSBA

A video of our 2020 lamb crop with our adult stock also shown. ------>

Lambing info

We can not know 100% if our lambs will pass inspection when the time comes.   If we feel there might be reasons that they won't (color being the main reason we will see as young lambs) we will be sure to let prospective buyers know.  

Wether prices will be less than ram prices so feel free to inquire if you are looking for wethers to use as fiber animals or for the freezer instead.  

For our first season we have chosen not to dock tails on our purebred Jacob lambs.  We do realize many buyers may be used to docked tails, however we do have a couple of adults with undocked tails and we definitely like the look and have no issues with the longer tails.  Our sheep are able to move their tails away from feces, urine, etc and have no issues with fly strike or dirty tails.  We may change our mind on docking tails in the future.  


Links to our lambing season pages:

2018/2019 Season

2019/2020 Season

Our current sheep

Patchwork Brixton

Our foundation ram. 

Sweetgrass Tickle


Sweetgrass Iris 2


Sweetgrass Comfort


Sweetgrass Islet

Sweetgrass Islet



Chuckie is a Finn ewe.