Cornerstone Acres Farm 

Sharing the cornerstones of good natural living and self-sufficiency. 

Groundworks Welding and Fabrication is the business my husband has run since 2005. He makes some amazing things that are more than just a little useful on our farm.  I'm sure they will be just as much of a blessing on your own farm!  

Prices include shipping.   If you come to the farm to pick up, you can save an additional $20 per item.  

Fast Fork Clamp On

Our best selling product. 

Simple and extremely versatile. 

$200.00 with free shipping

Fast Fork Heavy Duty Forks 

These forks feature heavy duty construction with the anti rollback pockets and 42" of usable fork.

$380.00 with free shipping 

Fast Fork Logger Forks

These are built with overhead lifting in mind. Forks feature anti rollback pockets to add your own back stop fence.

$240.00 with free shipping

Debris Rake

We use this implement ALL THE TIME on the farm.   We even gifted one to my mother and step father who also farm.  This thing is a back saver and time saver.   Clean out a winters worth of hay in the barn in a day instead of a month!  

$380.00 with free shipping