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Plant Seminar

We work primarily with wild herbs.....or weeds if you prefer. Mostly this course is for basic identification of common weeds that grow in our area and uses for some of the plants and how to harvest and preserve them. We are also happy to share some of the ways we use them on the farm. We have many of the plants growing here on our own property but for some plants we like to travel in about a three mile radius around our home. Currently we just jump in the car(s) and take a quick trip to a couple of spots we harvest from. However I was thinking it might be really fun to put it together as a "hay ride".......of course it might be hard to convince my husband that this would be a GOOD idea since he would drive the tractor (someday the horses will do it though) while I continue the class on the wagon. Any thoughts on if you think a hayride version of our weed walk would be fun....the more positive responses I get to the idea the easier it will be to sell my dear husband!


$25 per adult person pre-registration ($32 at the gate)

$5 per child under 17 pre-registration ($8 at the gate)

Supervised children under 5 are free

Discounts: Multi-class discount of 10% can be applied. No multi person discounts available.

Class Size:

Minimum: 6

No maximum.

Age Requirements:


Dress Code Recommendations:

Dress for the weather and possibly for the insects. We will be doing some walking in grassy areas as well as woodland areas which may have briars.

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