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Food  Preservation Seminar

We will do one meat and one vegetable with the pressure canners and one pickle or jam with the water bath canner.

Classes run about 3-4 hours which includes prep time and of course the extended time of the pressure canner for both processing and cool down time. We use the time the pressure canners are working to prepare and process with the water bath canner, go over the basics of canning and time permitting we will also touch base on dehydrating - including how to use dehydrated foods. We currently run two pressure canners and one water bath canner. We hope to add a third pressure canner to our set up soon. Another soon-to-be addition (although probably not before the next few classes) is our canning kitchen! We will be adding an outdoor kitchen…..screened in of course! That is pretty exciting for us. Our current "regular" house kitchen is large and open but with limited permanent counter and work space. What we are able to can will depend on when the class is scheduled and what is in season or available.   We will only use USDA approved recipes for the class but we will also discuss some methods of canning that we've used that are NOT USDA approved recipes.  

Each class attendee will bring home one jar of canned meat (quart size) one jar of canned vegetables  (pint size) and one jar of pickles or jam (pint to 1/2 pint size).   

For each full class (8 people) we will be giving away ONE (by drawing of names for each present attendee) a small canning package that includes a canning book , a jar lifter and a jar funnel.  

Examples of what we could can include (but are not limited to):

Meat (pressure canner)-  Beef, duck, pork, rabbit or chicken Vegetable (pressure canner)– corn, potatoes, green beans Water bath canning – sweet or dill pickles, fruit jams


$85 per person

Discounts: The 10% multi class discount is available with this class. There are no multi person discounts available.

Dates and times:

Exact dates and times to be determined. Exact fruit, vegetable and meat items to be determined just prior to each class.

One class will be held in August.  (Fruit jams, rabbit and chicken)

One class will be held in September. (tomato based items, pork and rabbit)

One class will be held in October  (Fruit jam, venison)

Special classes can be scheduled for any group of 4-7 participants.   We try to work with what is in season, but we can also work with store bought meats, fruits and vegetables as needed. 

Class Size:

Minimum: 4

Maximum: 8

Age Requirements:

We prefer adults for this course, but welcome children 13 and older who are eager to learn when accompanying an adult for this class.  Pricing is the same for adults and children in this class.

Dress Code Recommendations:

Dress comfy!

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