Cornerstone Acres Farm 

Sharing the cornerstones of good natural living and self-sufficiency. 

Farm Classes

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Thinking of beginning your journey into self-sustainability?

Or perhaps you just want to grow some of your own meats and vegetables?

Do you have limited acreage but want to raise the majority of your family's food on that limited acreage?

Are you interested in learning any of the following basics?

Raising pigs

Raising rabbits

Raising goats

Raising chickens

Raising ducks

Raising worms

Owning a milk cow



Predator protection for livestock

Herbal remedies

Making hay

Fencing for livestock



Or perhaps you are also interested in more than just the basics of some or all of the subjects above?

Maybe you would be interested in learning in-depth about something listed below?

Canning and dehydrating

Butchering livestock for home use

Making cheese

Making soap

Making maple syrup

Working with fibers (harvesting animal fibers, processing, spinning)

And lastly are you in interested in doing all or any of the above in an all-natural way?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions we have some answers for you!

Come join one of our seminars!

We have enjoyed our journey from store bought to homegrown, from dependent living to self-reliant living, from hectic to happy! Sharing what we have learned, the mistakes we have made, how we do things and our continuing journey with others who are interested is something we look forward to doing. We are not professors of anything and hold no bachelor’s or master’s degrees in farming, homesteading, animal sciences or botany. We live the life and work hard at what we do. There are so many ways to homestead…..we would like to share our ways with you. We also offer guest speakers for some of our classes.

Click on the links below to go to a full description of what each class will cover as well as fees and any available discounts. Some classes have age limits and others will have limits to the numbers of participants we can accommodate. Classes may have a recommended dress code.  Many of our classes have a minimum attendance requirement so pre-registration is required for most classes. HOWEVER some classes are open ended and will not have a maximum size limit. Those classes will be open to those looking to attend at the last minute and will be advertised once the minimum class size is reached.

We really like to recommend that you take our Basic Seminar and Farm Tour first for a few reasons.

1) It lets you see our teaching style and our farm and allows you to determine if we will be a compatible teacher for you. Not everybody "clicks" and we want to make sure you like us!! If you decide you don't like us.....but most people do (or at least they say they do LOL) aren't out the additional cost of one of the in-depth seminars.

2) It lets you take advantage of our multi-class discount for any class (after the basic class) that you take. So if you take around three of our in-depth classes the basic tour is practically paid for!

3) You might find an aspect of homesteading that you didn’t even KNOW you would be interested in!

4) It is just plain FUN!

All prices listed below are pre-registration prices unless specifically stated otherwise, add $2 per fee for payment received “at the gate” (day of the event) instead of via preregistration. Check or money-order accepted for Pre-Registration, but cash only at the gate. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE once a date has been set for a class (which will be no more than 11 days after blank registration forms are sent to interested participants). Checks will not be cashed until class size has been reached. We allow 10 days from the date we send out registration forms to receive all registrations and determine a class date. Attendees who preregister will be notified via email or phone of class dates and we will also post class dates on our Facebook page as well as on our webpage calendar. Class dates will generally be scheduled for about 2-3 weeks after minimum pre-registration is reached. If a class is cancelled by us, we will refund any fees paid. Classes held outdoors will be held no matter what the weather.


Index of available (or coming soon) seminars

Clicking on a seminar will open a new window.  If you are interested in one of the below seminars before we get full information posted, please send us a message and we will get that information up as soon as possible.

Dinner on the Farm   - late summer/fall 

Basic Seminar and Farm Tour 

Food Preservation Seminar (Canning and Dehydrating) 

Plant Seminar (Weed walk and basic herbal lore) 

Goat Raising Seminar 

Small Acreage Seminar 

Maple Syrup Seminar  

Rabbit Raising Seminar (includes basic vermiculture) 

Just for the kids 

Pig Raising Seminar 

Poultry Raising Seminar (includes ducks, layer chickens, meat chickens, quails and turkeys) 

Gardening Seminar  

Butchering Livestock Seminar   

Soap Making Seminar 

Working with Daft Horses Seminar    Cancelled for the time being. 

Fiber Working Seminar 

Sewing Seminar 

Beekeeping Seminar (info coming soon)

Cheese Making Seminar (info coming soon)