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Check out our girls.  We have tried to be as detailed as possible with their histories, but hang in there as we continue updating with as much info as we can and switching to the new format! 

  1. I will be periodically trying to update to more recent and better posed pictures of our girls.  Please note that most of the Facebook Albums will open for viewing even if you do not have a Facebook account.  If there are ones you would like to see that do not open, please let me know and I will fix the link. At the bottom of the page I will keep pictures/profiles of some of our favorite does that we kept kids from for reference only. 

Prince's Penny

Penny is a 2010 model Boer/Kiko doe.  Registered 50% USBGA.

Check out her album on our FB farm page: PENNY


2011: Triplets - Two doelings (one black headed with a black leg and a tan and white paint) and a buckling (tan and white paint).  sire - Challenger

2012: Triplets - Two doelings (one tri-colored paint and one traditional red) and a buckling (black dapple headed) sire - Challenger

2013: Twins - one golden tan traditional bucking and one golden tan traditional doeling. Sire - DED Dodge a Flash of Nitro

2014: Triplets - three bucklings (all honey colored, one paint with black spots and two traditionally colored).  Sire- DED Dodge a Flash of Nitro

2014:  Twins - one buckling (traditional red)  and one doeling (pure white) (sire - Nitro)

2015:  Triplets - 2 Bucks (traditional red) and one doeling (black and white paint) Sire - Commander

2016: Twins - 2 bucks (traditional "brown") Sire - Demon 

2018: Twins - 2 does (traditional red/black traditional moonspots) Sire - Patchman

Cornerstone Acres Huckleberry

Commercial doe 50/50 Boer/Kiko 

Berry was born here on our farm in late 2011

Dam: Prince's Penny 

Sire: Challenger


Check out her album on our FB farm page: HUCKLEBERRY


2013:  Single buckling black paint (sire: Demon)

2014: Twin bucklings - one solid chocolate and one traditionally marked with a chocolate colored head.  Sire: DED Dodge a Flash of Nitro

2014: Twin bucklings - both traditional red (Sire DED dodge a flash of Nitro)

2015:  Twins - doe (solid red with white belly) buck (traditional dark red) (Sire Nitro)

2016:  Twins - doe (black traditional) buck (solid black) Sire - Demon

2017: Single - doe(brown traditional) Sire - Rascal

2018: Single - doe (black traditional) Sire - Abel

2019: Twins - doe (paint)/Buck (solid black) Sire - Abel

Cornerstone Acres Daisy

Born here on our farm 3/8/13. 

ABGA# 10603614

Dam: Rosie

Sire: DED Dodge a Flash of Nitro

Birthweight: 9#


Pictured here at 5 months

Check out her album on our FB farm page: DAISY


2014 - Twin doelings one palomino paint and one chocolate traditional (sire: Commander)

2015 - Single doeling - traditional red (sire: commander)

2015:  Twins - doeling (traditonal black with some patches) doeling (traditional palamino)

2016:  Twins - doe(red traditional) buck (palamino traditional) sire: Rascal

2018:   Twins - doe (tan traditional) buck (red traditional) sire: Abel
2019:  Single - buck (dark tan moonspotted traditional) sire: Abel
2019:  Single - buck (tan moonspotted traditional) Sire: Abel

Cornerstone Violet

Born 2/16/13 here at Cornerstone Acres.

ABGA 100%  #10603611

Dam: RSKS Ruby

Sire:  DED Dodge a Flash of Nitro

Birthweight: 8.5#


Pictured here at 7-1/2 months.

Check out her album on our FB farm page: VIOLET


2014 - twins Chocolate paint doeling and traditional black buckling with heavy spotting on legs (Sire: Commander)

2015 - twins Chocolate paint doeling and a tradtional chocolate doeling with a large leg spot (Sire: Commander)

2016:  Single buck (black and white paint)

2016:  Twin bucks (both red traditionals) Sire: Rascal 

2018: Twin bucks (both red traditionals) Sire: Rascal

2018: Single buck (chocolate paint) Sire: Abel

2019: Twin bucks (red traditionals) Sire: Abel

CS Midnight Storm Claire

 Born: 07/30/12

ABGA 50% (mix unknown, but I was told most likely a high percentage doe with some dairy when I bought her) After watching this girl closely, I have strong suspicions that although the previous owner told me "some dairy" that she may instead have "some Myotonic" in her!



Check out her album on our FB farm page:  CLAIRE


2014 - twins: doeling solid black and buckling a chocolate paint (sire Commander)

2015 - twins: Doeling solid red and buckling solid red (sire: Nitro)

2016:  Single - doeling (traditional chocolate) Sire:  Nitro

2016:  Single- doeling (traditional chocolate) Sire: Nitro 

2018: Twins  - doeling/buckling (both traditional chocolates) Sire: Rascal

2018:  Single - doeling (black traditional) Sire: Abel

2020:   Single - doeling (black traditional) Sire: Abel


 Not much known about this little girl.  She came from a home without much goat knowledge so was lacking some in the nutrition and mineral departments.  Her birthdate is most likely around 12/1/2011 but we are unsure of her birthcount or actual parentage.  We were told she is a Boer/Nubian cross.  Her name was Molly when she became part of our family, but we decided to change it to Teazel.

Check out her album on our FB farm page: TEAZEL


2014 - twins both does:  one solid red and one very flashy black and white paint (Sire- Commander)

2014 - twins both bucklings one solid black and one black and white paint (sire -  Commander)

2015:  Single - doeling (red roan) (Sire:  Demon)

2016: twins - doelings both traditional red - Sire: Nitro 

2017: Twins - bucks - both traditional red - Sire: Rascal

2018: Twins - doe (black dapple traditional)  - doe (red traditional) - Sire: Abel

Bachelor Buttons

Bachelor Buttons @ Cornerstone's Fallen Angels

DOB 3/14/16

MGR# D4519

 Photo Album HERE

Button is out of our original Myotonic buck, Spyder and a Myotonic/Pygora doe we also used to own.


2017:  single tri doe (Legacy)

2018: Single buck (black w/moonspots) Sire: Patch

2018:  single doe (white/blue) Sire: Patch

2020:  Single buck (white) Sire: Renegade


Bluebelle @ Cornerstone's Fallen Angels

DOB 3/3/16

MGR# D4520

 Photo Album HERE

Blue is out of our original Myotonic buck, Spyder and a Myotonic/Pygora doe, Buttercup, we also used to own.

2017: Single buck (black) Sire: Legacy
2017: Single buck (blue) Sire: Patch
2019: Single doe (red/white) Sire: Renegade

Shearogg Fainters Foxy



DOB: 12/28/17


MGR# D1251


2018: Single doe (silver moonspot) Sire: Patch

2019: Single doe (black/white) Sire: Patch

2020: Single buck (black/white) Sire: Renegade

WP Marigold

MGR# D1223
More pictures HERE

2018: Twins - Bucks (black/white and Tan/white)  Sire - Patchman
2020:  Twins - Buck and doe (brown and with white bands) Sire - Renegade


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Reference Does ONLY 

Olive - 

 Born on our farm 2/23/13.

ABGA 50% 10603612

(actual percentage 75% could be registered USBGA at this percentage)

Dam: Prince's Penny

Sire: DED Dodge a Flash of Nitro

Birthweight: 11#


Pictured here at just under 4 months of age.  This girl so far is my favorite goat born on the farm.  By far she is of the most amazing quality for size and conformation.  

Check out her album on our FB farm page: OLIVE


2014 - twins Pure white buckling and a traditiona black (Sire: Commander)

2015 - single tradtional doeling (Sire: Commander)

2015:  Single doeling (tradtional palamino) (Sire:  Demon)

2017:  Single (but one early aborted fetus also born at same time) buck (palamino traditional) Sire: Rascal 


 Born: 4/1/13

ABGA 99.5% (ABGA# 10643257)


pictured here at 6 months of age

Check out her album on our FB farm page: DANDELION

2014: Single doeling - traditional red

2016:  Twin doelings (traditonal red) sire: Rascal 


 Midnight is an almost solid black doe.  She is a commercial doe but her grandfather was THIS black dapple.   

Born 6-2-14


Birthweight 6.5#

She is 89% Boer

Photo album HERE 



 2016: single doeling (red traditional) sire: Rascal


 Trillium - 

 Born here at Cornerstone Acres on 5/15/13 she weighed in at 7.75# 

ABGA 50% (10643250

A twin (with a dapple headed brother).

Dam: Cornerstone Angelica

Sire: DED Dodge a Flash of Nitro

Pictured here at age 4-1/2 months.

Check out her album on our FB farm page: TRILLIUM


2014 - single spotted buckskin doeling (sire - Commander)

2015 - single red roan doe (sire - Commander)

2016 - single (traditional tri-color) (Sire: Demon) 

2016 - single buckling traditional red - Sire: Rascal 

 100%  FB ABGA Boer paint doe. 10490591 



 A 2010 model, this doe has size, color, personality, hardiness and great kids. 

Sre: MVP M&C Farms Half-time (10413303)    Dam:  RSKS Dora (10454479)

This girl's sire has 9 Ennobled ancestors on his 14 line pedigree. Ruby traces to RRD Hammer Time (Ennobled) and EGGS The Sequel (Ennobled) on her sire's side.  She also traces to XS 346 Starbuck (Ennobled) on her dam's side.

Check out her album on our FB farm page: RUBY


2011 - single red paint doeling (sired by NF Alexander 13)

2012 - Twins -  Buck (a buckskin with large white splash) and a doe (red with black spots) (sired by Challenger)

2013 - Twins - Buck (traditional red with red leg and large cape, some spotting on head) Doe (traditional red) (Sired by DED Dodge a Flash of Nitro)

2013 -  Triplets - Doe (solid dark red) Doe (large caped paint with black tip on tail) Doe (red head traditional) (Sired by DED Dodge a Flash of Nitro)

2014 - Twins - Buck (red paint) Buck (solid black) (sired by Commander)

2015 - Twins - Buck (traditional red) Buck(traditional buckskin) (Sired by Commander)

 2016 - Twins - Buck (traditional red) Buck(traditional red) (sired by Rascal)

We lost Angel in December 2019

Angel is a 50/50 unregistered Boer/Kiko doe 

born here in 2012.

Dam: Prince's Penny 

Sire: Challenger

Check out her album on our FB farm page: ANGELICA

Sadly we lost Angel in the fall of 2019.



2013:  Twins 1)pure white doeling  and a tan and grey dapple headed buckling (Sire: Nitro)

2014: Twins 1) traditional black doeling 2) a very nice black paint buckling (Sire: Commander)

2015:  Twins 1) heavily spotted (tan and grey) buckling 2) a mostly white lightly grey spotted doeling (Sire: Commander)

2015:  Twins - Buck (traditonal tri color) Buck (solid brown/black)  (Sire:  Demon)

2017: Twins - does (one dapple calico, one buckskin traditional) Sire - Rascal 

2018: Twins - does (one tan traditional, one red traditional with some spots) Sire - Rascal

2018:  Twins - bucks (one brown, one white) Sire - Abel