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Gestation Calculators for goats, pigs, dogs, cows, rabbits, chickens and ducks

Weaning and rebreeding Calculators

Raw feeding Calculator

Average Daily Gain Calculator

Planting and Seed Starting Calculator

Feed Ration Calculator

Fodder Calculator

Goat breeding chart

Rabbit Pedigree generator

This is an Excel spreadsheet with all the listed calculators (the planting and feed ration calculators are still in process, but are usable).  There is an "Index" sheet then one calculator page.  If you see an error PLEASE let me know.  I will be adding things and correcting any issues periodically so be sure to check back often.  Watch the "Version" in the upper corner of the pages.  You want to make sure if you download it to your computer that you have the most recent version.


VERSION 5.0 10/31/2015

(will open an Excel spreadsheet)


Calculators included




Goat Gestation CalculatorFigures 145, 150 and 155 day gestations when you enter a known breeding date.
Cow Gestation CalculatorFigures 278(Jersey), 283 and 292(Brahma) day gestation when you enter a known breeding date. Also gives a recommended "dry off" date.  A dry off date is the date you should begin drying off a lactating cow before scheduled calving. 
Dog Gestation CalculatorFigures a 63 day gestation when you enter a known breeding date.
Pig Gestation CalculatorFigures a 115 day gestation when you enter a known breeding date.
Chicken Gestation CalculatorFigures a 21 day incubation period when you enter a known start of incubation date.
Duck Gestation CalculatorFigures a 25 and 35 day incubation period when you enter a known start of incubation date.
Rabbit Gestation CalculatorFigures a 30 day gestation period as well as gives you a 5 day "time to put in the nest box" date and a "time to rebreed" date if no kits born
Planting calculatorBased on the first and last expected frost dates in your area (link to find the dates in your area is included), it figures best dates to start seeds indoors or to plant outside  as well as what the latest you would want to plant outside.  It is based on generic germination and days to maturity numbers, however you can change these numbers (germination and days to harvest) based on your particular seeds. (NOTE: green houses, hot houses etc are not taken into consideration)
Average Daily Gain CalculatorFigures current ADG of an animal based on the following information you enter:  Birthdate of animal, birthweight of animal, and current weight of animal.
Raw Feeding CalculatorJust a VERY basic raw feed calculator to get an idea of how many pounds (or ounces) your animal may need per day, week and year.  You will need to enter the weight of your animal.  The base percentage of feed per weight of animal can be modified (higher for thin or lactating animals or lower for inactive or overweight animals) Also includes a bone ratio chart (bone to meat ratio in many common feeds)
Goat Weaning CalculatorFigures tentative weaning dates (8, 10, 12 weeks) when you enter a birthdate.
Rabbit Weaning CalculatorFigures tentative weaning date (6  weeks) when you enter a birthdate and also figures in a rebreeding date of the doe.
Pig Weaning CalculatorFigures tentative weaning dates (6 and 8 weeks) when you enter a birthdate.
Dog Weaning CalculatorFigures weeks in age of pups along with a tentative shot, deworming and weaning schedule when you enter a known birthdate.
Feed Ration Calculator** STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION**   Figures Crude protein, Calcium to Phosphorus ratio and total digestable nutrution when you input  how many "parts" of each item your feed ration includes.  For figuring "concentrates" only….not for a full feed ration calculator
Fodder Ration CalculatorFigures an approximate amount of finished fodder to feed to most livestock.  Also figures how much dry seed to start to achieve that goal.  (Barley fodder)





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Farm Production Totals

Wow...I'm WAY behind in posting totals.  I guess 2017 will be a better year.  ;)


(last update 6/22/17)

Meat: 0

Vegetables/fruits: 48#

Eggs (chicken only):  1038

Honey: 0

Maple Syrup: 0 (this year is a bust)

Fiber: 2.94 oz

Babies born/hatched: 97

Jars into the pantry (dehydrated and canned): 16

Milk: 20+ gallons (I haven't been keeping track very well!)

New Additions:  12



(last update 10/31/15)


Meat: 362#

Vegetables/Fruit: 551.88#

Eggs: 1918

Honey: 28#

Maple Syrup:  2 gallons

Angora Fiber:

Babies Born/hatched:  157

Jars into the pantry: 113

Milk: 16 gallons

New additons:  60 (plus a nuc of bees)
























Meat: 240#

Vegetables/Fruit: Didn't keep track

Eggs: 3348

Honey: 1 pint

Maple Syrup: None

Angora Fiber: 5 oz

Babies Born/hatched: 168

Jars into the pantry: 150

Milk: 5 gallons