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Backyard Butchering Workshop

You can tour other farms that have invested thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars into their processing set up.  That is NOT what we are or what we have.  We want to show you what you can do for yourself.  If you are able to invest the kind of money into putting in a whole facility, I think that is wonderful.  However not all people have money, space or time to do so and this workshop is for those people.  We would love to show you more about backyard processing so you can process your own stock at home. 

This workshop is to give you some idea of how to humanely slaughter some of the smaller homestead livestock and to give you hands on experience with skinning and cleaning them yourself.  While we hope to be able to be able to exhibit the following animals in every class, it is solely dependant on what we have ready to butcher at that time and how many classes are held each year.  

Goats - Pigs (small AHH) - rabbits - ducks - chickens - turkeys

We recommend that you do not bring small children as we will be too busy this day to give any farm tours and you may be too busy to supervise them. If you have older children interested in learning the butchering process you are welcome to bring them as young adults.
This workshop will include ending the lives of the aforementioned animals. While we believe that everybody (including children) should know where their food comes from and how it is raised (including birth through death), it is ultimately the parents responsibility to explain delicate situations to their children. We will NOT be explaining any "delicate" issues at this workshop. However if you would like an anatomy lesson that is different!!

This will be a fairly informal session that will primarily highlight humane slaughter, plucking/skinning methods and entrail removal. Attaining "proper" cuts of meat will not be our main focus this session, but we may be doing some halving or quartering.

Fees: (discounts noted)

$25 per person for adults 17 years and up (couples registering on the same form are $15 each)

Well behaved supervised children ages 12-16 are welcome as well for $10 each

DISCOUNTS: Multi person discounts as listed above only. The multi class discount of 10% is available for this class ONLY IF you have taken the Basic Seminar as well as one additional livestock class.

Persons attending this class will be offered any unspoken for chicken, rabbit, duck or turkey at a discount of 15% off our listed prices.  Availability to be announced the day of the seminar.


To be determined

Class size:

Minimum None

No Maximum class size.

Age requirements:

We would like to try and maintain a minimum age of around 12.  However as each parent knows their child better than we do of course, if you feel your child is ready for this sensitive course we will leave the age up to you.

Dress code recommendations:

No open toed shoes. Older clothes and shoes that can safely get dirty are recommended. Dress for inclement weather (we will try and post the expected forecast on our Facebook page the day prior to the event) as classes will be held in all weather…..rain or shine (or snow), hot or cold.