Around the farm Around the farm The cottage garden is coming up nicely 131303355 The main barn - stage two Sheet metal siding has been put onto the "addition" part of the barn. This barn was originally built 1938. It still has wonderful structure. Inside you will find: three horse stalls (one we used for a goat birthing pen), a tack/grain room, a complete welding and fabrication shop as well as a full wonderful hay mow that we use for storing both hay and misc items. 167810204 The tack room 131303245 Meet the new barn babies 9/11/11 Bob-cat (see his sister in the background?) 137711200 Blackfoot Charlie Added to our family in August of 2011 Charlie is a coming 4 Belgian/Paint cross. He has brains, beauty and an amazing clam temperment. What a lucky family we are to be able to say he is ours. 140685163 The Trails What a wonderful day for a ride 167810507 The buck house Not so pretty to behold, but wait until we get it painted. It'll look like a palace. 131303241 Inside the buck house 131303243 Reign the Great Pyrenees Another addition to our farm in February 2012 is Reign (formerly known as Fife). We thank Josh and Hannah for allowing him to become part of our family. 149552488 Icee the Great Pyrenees Icee is our livestock guardian dog (LGD). Right now she is still young, but has one heck of a menacing bark and growl on her!! 167822779 The girls secondary house and pen. We use this pen for weaning, birthing and even a cow! It is a great asset to be able to seperate as needed for whatever reason. 131303353 Inside the girls secondary house I will be revamping this before winter but for now it gives two "stalls" with plenty of breeze and ventilation for the summer. Currently we are keeping the does and their older doelings in this pen while we have the two expectant does (and little Rosie) in the main goat barn. 131303350 The girls kidding barn 131303247 Inside the girls kidding house. this is the "common area" for the girls. With the addtion of a hinged (and removable) wall, we have managed to be able to seperate this barn into three individual pens for kidding season. 131303351 A birthing pen This is just to the right as you walk into the main girls barn. It can be left open to the small pen outside or closed off. It is one of three birthing pens located within the kidding barn. 167810205 Goat playground 167810765 The main goat barn 167822778 The Goat feed shed Here I store hay, grain, milking equipment, medications and other goat related supplies. This is in the same barn as the goats main lounging/sleeping barn. 167822777 The pig pen (and the compost pile) After 5 straight days of rain, it really looks like a pig sty in this picture. Too the left you can just see our flat lawn trailer that the pigs use to hide under during the summer months (this IS their summer digs after all). Just before the trailer is a nice large and sturdy pig hut for the winter months which also allows them access to this pen and their winter veggie garden. This area also serves as our compost heap. Anything thrown into here either becomes food for the pigs or gets trampled nicely into the ground. 167822781 The chicken/rabbit barn The chicken run is to the right and the rabbit run in behind the building. 167822776 The Rabbit barn Way back on the left is Powder in her cage. On the right (just past the chicken coop) is Fudge. Directly ahead in the center is the brooder box for our new hatchlings. And of course on the left is my potting shed/gardening area. 167822782 The Rabbit run This will be the summer run for our meat rabbits. (Right now it is housing the Guinea fowl until the garage is done since they like sitting on Greg's truck so much AND they don't get along well with the chickens.) This pen may also end up being the housing for the meat chickens each spring. 167822783 The field Fall 2013 the new hayfield and a little of the fall colors. 185291366 The woodstove Our main heat source for both shop and house. 167822785 The LGD family The last puppy before she left for her new home (from the August 2013 litter) with Icee and Reign 185291367 Happy puppy and Reign (with Tilly in the background) 185291368