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Posted by Alina on September 15, 2011 at 11:10 PM

....projects.   And LOTS of them.  Let's start by skipping over the obvious - dishes, laundry, sweeping, etc. 

Where has the time gone? Where did summer go for that matter?  Tonight they are predicting temps down to 20 degrees. We've already had a few frosty nights, which subsequently killed off all my peppers and a large amount of the tomatoes.  Alas, one more unfinished project....canning and drying hot peppers.  I will have to say that of course that isn't MY fault.  Michigan weather, so unpredictable. 

The addtion to the barn...unfinished.  But my poor husband has so much to do we are lucky we've gotten as far as we have.   The horses will love it when it's done.  Heck I'll love it this winter as it will allow me to walk undercover to feed the bucks.  SWEET!!

Hay, lots of it.  We have two trailer loads to move to the loft yet, but then we are done for the year - at least with the hay.  See the sawhorses and lumber?  Yet another project in the works, installation of our woodstove....seems like with the dropping temps that will be a definate priority. 


Electric to the outbuildings is also on the list - hopefully before the snow flies.  Extention cords just do NOT cut it.  If we can at least get it to the main goat barn, I think I'll survive in relative comfort. 

Here's a project we did get done - the hay feeder.   Great roof done by my wonderful husband. 

Here's another thing I have finally accomplished: adding two barn cats to our family.  Answering an ad on "freeccyle" I found a very nice brother/sister pair - both fixed and BIG.  Bob and Fraidy (formerly Baby) Cat.  Bob-cat is quite a sweetie and loves to be loved on,.  He's much braver than his sister.  He's already peeking out the open loft door  overseeing the horses.  Fraidy-cat on the other hand has made herself right at home in the walls behind the tack room.  When building the shop, we added walls inside the barn so there is a large space between the outside wall and the inner wall.  I KNOW the mice run in there happy as can be - not anymore!!  I feel bad that Bob and Fraidy are seperated right now, but hopefully she will come around and we can move her back upstairs with her brother. 

Another cat addition to our Seven.  She's our new house cat - too little to be a barn cat.  Poor darling has been imprisoned in our bedroom and bathroom to keep the tiny thing safe from Buddy the Jack Russell.  She doesn't seem to mind much does she?

Okay I think I'm going to take a break until tomorrow on this particular blog....yep another unfinished project .

Okay, it's now the day AFTER tomorrow.  Still many things not finished.  But there were many things I did get done yesterday.  I did quite a bit of winter prep around the yard:  rolled up hoses, tucked away lawn ornaments, took down fencing and wiped out the corn plot. 

Greg has taken care of the "hearth" for our woodstove - just need to put in the stove and finish the chimney. 

We have quite a bit of wood stacked up, but still have two large dead maples on our property that need to be cut, split, stacked and the debris cleaned up.  NOT a small project there. 

Speaking of maples...I just remembered...we need to get tree transplants into the ground SOON. 

I certainly need to get into the goat barns and clean them out, quite a build up since spring cleaning.   I really want to make sure we get a good "pack" going before winter really hits.  I also need to get the front of the does secondary barn closed in for the winter. 

A few of the goats need their feet trimmed, but since none need it badly I'm going to leave that until slightly warmer weather.  Which brings up another unfinished project - moving the milking stand back into the small barn, no way I"m milking outside in a blizzard. 

I've got tomatoes on the counter - just screaming to be canned.  That IS on today's list, as well as finishing off the mozzarella on the stove.   We finished off the blackberry and peach/blackberry that I made last week (oh, look something got FINISHED).  So it's time to bake an apple pie today.

I have a few pictures that I've been taking here and there around the farm I really don't have the time to start another post that just won't get finished - so I'm just going to tuck them away neatly into this post

This pretty girl I found crawling up my leg after gathering apples in the long grass by one of our apple trees.  I planted her into my herb garden.  Hopefully her young'uns will help keep the garden safe.  (nope not all bugs are bad)


This little fellow just looked so stunning with his (her?) beautiful green against the purple coneflower's petals.  I didn't have the heart to tell him he wasn't hiding very well.


Okay that completes this blog entry.  I'm afraid I'll think of more projects that we've yet to finish before the snow flies (which isn't long here).   Besides, I need to do something fun - like go for a horseback ride today. 

Speaking of horses, Charlie's training (by Greg) is coming along nicely.  The saddle's been on a few times and Greg has even been able to lay across the saddle a few times.  He's got a way to go, but he'll get there - sooner rather than later I think.

Until next time....

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