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A husband with style....

Posted by Alina on August 5, 2011 at 9:50 AM

No, I don't mean my husband is a snappy dresser....what I mean is he loves me despite MY style (or lack there of).  

As I was washing off morning chores today I realized it must take a special man to love a "farm woman". 

After all here is what my "style" consists of:

My current hair style is coiffure la chevre.  How do I aquire such a bold sounding updo?  Easy - have 5 very outgoing and friendly baby goats jump about and for whatever odd reason they choose, let them chew and suck vigorously on your hair.  Viola!! Coifure la Chevre. 

My scent of the day?  Ode de Barnyard....yep it's specially made right here in Boon.  A dash of chicken, a spattering of horse, a bit of dog and a good healthy dollop of goat.  If only I could bottle it to share with the rest of you...*sigh*. 

My manicure style is well,  far from French.  I'm going with more like 1800's western plains.   Sure enough -  manicured nails of the short style, perfect for the gal who may need to reach inside a birthing goat to help position a kid. 

My make-up is mostly of God's design...I wear a touch of mascara now and again, but for the most part I just wear the freckles God gave me and a bit of color from the sun.   It seems to suit me fine. 

My most recent sexy body piercings are almost to delicate to describe.  Well, maybe not.  I have no less than 20 piercings on my arms and legs, courtesy of the vicious blackberry thorns yesterday.  I have one large deep puncture on my finger from that wire on the gate I keep forgetting to fix.  Add to that the thorn stuck under my thumb nail...and well - I'm quite the prize!!

My body art consists of a few tattoos from my youth and a lovely placement of purple dots along my entire body.  This particular art is courtesy of the same group that allows me to don my cutting edge hairstyle.   Not only is it added to daily, but the colors constantly change from a brilliant purple/blue hue to an unusal and  unappealling yellow color.  

My closet - well, lets not even go there.....

So, although I may not be exactly the woman my husband met years ago, he still seems to love me with all his heart.  For that I give him all the points possible when it comes to style, since he has enough "style" for both of us.   I hope you all have the oppurtunity to have a  significant other as wonderful as mine!!


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Reply Linda
6:38 PM on August 22, 2011 
What a great post :-)