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Animals for sale
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Even if it says "Nothing currently available" feel free to scroll down and look at pricing and other sales information.   (last update: 8/8/2019)

Please scroll down for more info on available animals.

Package deals  Nothing currently available.

Doelings Nothing currently available, see us late December 2019. 

Bucklings/wethers Nothing currently available, see us late December 2019.

Adult stock (goats) Nothing currently available

KuneKune pigs We currently have one unregistered gilt and a litter of soon-to-be registered piglets born 7/4/19.

Jacob sheep   We have one 4 horn ram available. 

Great Pyrenees puppies   Litter just born 8/8/19.  

Australian Shepherd puppies Nothing currently available.  We are hoping to have our first litter late 2019.

Chickens Contact us, we usually have something to offer.  We have farm mix chicks...lots of them!

Ducks  Muscovy ducklings currently available. 

Purebred French Angora rabbits Nothing currently available.   NOTE:  We are scaling back our rabbit operation so availability will be limited in both our FA and Rex rabbits.

Purebred Rex rabbits  Nothing currently available.  

Other (Sometimes we may have things like horses, cows, kittens, or other critters)  Nothing currently available. 

NOTE: Feel free to inquire about animals below even if they state "deposit pending" as it has been known to happen that a deposit falls through.

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Products for Sale

Sales Policy 

Pricing Information

Barter Information (bottom of our "Products for sale" page)

Stud Services (bottom of this page)

Add us to your favorites and check back often to see what else we may have available.   You can also contact us to get put on one of our waiting lists and we will let you know as soon as what you are looking for comes available. 


Doelings from our most recent kidding season

  • Artemis (Myotonic) SOLD
    Artemis (Myotonic) SOLD
  • Orchid (Boer) SOLD
    Orchid (Boer) SOLD
  • Poppy (Boer) FOR SALE
    Poppy (Boer) FOR SALE
  • Selene (Myotonic)SOLD
    Selene (Myotonic)SOLD
  • Squeak (Myotonic)SOLD
    Squeak (Myotonic)SOLD
  • Willow (Boer/Kiko) Sold
    Willow (Boer/Kiko) Sold
  • Calliope pending sale
    Calliope pending sale
  • DD  For Sale
    DD For Sale
  • Zoey (Boer) SOLD
    Zoey (Boer) SOLD
Artemis (Myotonic) SOLD
Artemis (Myotonic) SOLD

See our "2018-2019 Kidding Season" kidding page for individual information and pricing on current season. 

Our breeding lineup is posted on our main "Goat Kids" page.

Currently Available:

Sold out for the late 2018/ early 2019 season.  See you in the fall of 2019 with more kids!

Bucklings and wethers

Bucklings from our most recent kidding season

  • Morty (Myotonic) SOLD
    Morty (Myotonic) SOLD
  • Great Balls of Fire FOR SALE
    Great Balls of Fire FOR SALE
  • Omega  SOLD
    Omega SOLD
  • Rick SOLD
    Rick SOLD
  • Saber SOLD
    Saber SOLD
  • Yang SOLD
    Yang SOLD
  • Yin  SOLD
    Yin SOLD
  • Slick (Boer/Kiko) SOLD
    Slick (Boer/Kiko) SOLD
Morty (Myotonic) SOLD
Morty (Myotonic) SOLD

See our "2018-2019 Kidding Season" kidding page for individual information and pricing on current season. 

Our breeding lineup is posted on our main "Goat Kids" page.

Currently Available:

Sold out for the late 2018/ early 2019 season.  See you in the fall of 2019 with more kids!

Adult stock (goats)

Periodically we may have older open (or even bred) does that we decide to remove from our breeding program.   Also from time to time to maintain genetic diversity, we will offer our breeding bucks for sale.  Please check back and see what we may have available.

It is a sad day for me when I find the need to rehome some of our adult stock...emotional attachments grow strong around here. However as a herd owner I do realize we can never grow and improve if we do not try and keep some of our "best and brightest" when they come along.  When choosing to keep one or two from each kidding season, we do so knowing that we may have to find homes for some of our adult stock. If space and funds were unlimited, of course all goats would stay. 

Nothing currently available. 

KuneKune Pigs

Some of our past piglets

Piglets available. 

We will be offering both registered and unregistered stock.   Our registered pigs will be registered with the AKPR.  Registered pigs will be microchipped for identification.  


Lucky Penny Farm Mahia Love 2 (Jupiter) 

BVF Jenny 66 (Jafida)

1. Male 2 wattles tri color $500

2. Male 2 wattles black/white  (barrow) SOLD

3. Female 0 wattles black/white $400

4. Female 2 wattles black/white $425

5. Male 0 wattles tri color (barrow) SOLD

6. Male 2 wattles black/white (barrow) SOLD

Also available one gilt DOB 2/7/19 (same breeding as above). No wattles, but very well built.  Selling NOT registered as I never did a litter notification.  $275

Please contact us via our Facebook page, our MeWe page or email for more information.  

Tentative registered weaned piglet pricing 

Boars: starting at $350

Barrows: will not be offered registered

Gilts: starting at $300

Tentative unregistered weaned piglet pricing 

Boars: $200

Barrows: $100

Gilts: $250

Pricing will depend on individual pigs, but will give you a basic idea of what to expect with our pricing. 

Jacob Sheep

Lambs from our most recent lambing season

Our Jacob sheep will be evaluated for a few weeks after birth before we decide on availability and pricing.  We will be growing our flock so some ewe lambs and even some of the rams may be kept for our own growth.   We can't guarantee that any of our lambs will pass registration inspections, but will do our best to be honest when we believe that they won't.  Our purebred breeding stock will be registered JSBA.  

See our individual "Lambing Season" pages for individual information and pricing of available lambs.  Links can be found on our "Jacob Sheep" page.

Currently Available at weaning: (see the lamb page for info and pricing) 

Cornerstone Acres Tango (4 horn ram)

Cornerstone Acres Marilyn (ewe, Finn/Jacob) pending

Cornerstone Acres Walter (4 horn wether or ram) pending


Rex Rabbits

We will be scaling back our rabbit operations in 2019.   Only limited rabbits will be available until further notice. 

Nothing currently available.

All rabbits can be seen on our Rabbit Page

French Angora

We will be scaling back our rabbit operations in 2019.   Only limited rabbits will be available until further notice. 

Expecting the following combinations to kindle in early June 2019:

chocolate buck X REW doe

chocolate buck X chocolate agouti doe

Chocolate buck X chocolate doe

Australian Shepherd Puppies

Info coming soon!

Great Pyrenees Puppies

Our Matriarch, Icee


Currently Available: 

Nothing currently available.  Expecting an August 2019 litter from Izzy/Bruno pairing.  

TAKING PRE-DEPOSITS $30 (comes off total pricing)  


Males:  $400 

Females: $450

Previous litter photos HERE 

See pictures of another past litter HERE

In the past we have had a policy of not taking deposits on unborn animals. However we have decided to at least try this next litter a little differently.  We will be taking $30 "pre-deposits" for 4 male and 4 female pups.  Beyond that we will still take names and numbers for those interested in a pup.  As long as enough pups are born, placing a deposit will guarantee the gender of your choice and your place in line to choose.  If not enough pups are born, we will happily refund your complete deposit.  It also locks you into a known pricing.  

Why should I buy my pup(s) from Cornerstone Acres Farm?

(The above link outlines the support offered by us when you purchase one of our pups! If you are unable to access the link, you can also find the information on our Great Pyrenees page. )


I am usually willing to barter - please inquire if you have something we may be interested in even if it isn't listed on our "want list".   Check out the bottom of our Products For Sale page to see our list of what we may be looking for.

At the age of 49 days, we will be performing the Volhard PAT (Puppy Aptitude Test)  to better guide you in the purchase of your puppy.  We watch the puppies closely as they grow.  This helps us also in determining personalities that are more predisposed to being a pet versus a working dog or working large acreage versus smaller acreage.  We also ask that you fill out a short questionnaire when you send in your deposit so we may be able to start matching up puppies with your needs. Again the choice - at the time of pickup - is 100% up to you, we are here only to help guide you.

At this time we will not be offering shipping.  However we may be able to meet you within a reasonable distance.  (See our Sales Policy for mileage and charge info).

We are also here to support you and your puppy so that the transition from our farm to yours can go smoothly, happily and as uneventfully as possible. If you have questions about your growing LGD, we are here to offer suggestions and/or direct you to other knowledgeable LGD owners.   Lifetime support also offered if for any reason at anytime your LGD or pet doesn't work out for you we will offer our assistance with placing him or her in a new home, even if that may mean taking them back into our own home.

Please check out our "Sales Policy" before committing to purchase a puppy.

See breed info and FAQ located on our Great Pyrenees page.

Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy ducklings.  Check out our "Chickens and Ducks" page for some interesting Muscovy duck information and pictures of our breeding stock ducks.  

Ducklings arriving!   Four hens have hatched their clutches already this year.  (Sold out) We have one more hen sitting now (due about the 29th of July).   We have one more hen building her nest and the first two should be starting their second nests soon so hatches will be expected again in early to late August.  

We have adult drakes ($15 ea) available.

Our prices run $5-10 for newly hatched to about 4 weeks.  Straight run.

4-8 weeks $10-15.  We can generally sex them at around the 4-5 week mark.

For ducks over 8 weeks the prices will vary based on quality. 

Discounts on multiple ducks.

Visit our Facebook album HERE for LOTS of pictures of the current season's ducklings as they grow. 

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Package Deals


From time to time we may have a doe and her offspring to offer for sale or perhaps a nice starter herd package.  Even if you don't see something offered as a package deal, feel free to ask about our quantity discounts. 

No packages currently available. 


Always feel free to inquire what we might have, we usually have SOMETHING available during the spring, summer and fall since we have quite a few broody hens!

Chicks (day olds to 3 weeks) are priced at $2.00 each unless otherwise specified.  (Specific breeds such as Turkens may run a bit higher)

Chicks (3 weeks to 6 weeks) are priced at $2.50 each.

Chicks (6 weeks to 9 weeks) are priced at $3.00 each.

Chicks (9 weeks to 12 weeks) are priced at $3.50 each.

Chicks (12 weeks and older) $4.00 each

 Any birds that can be confidently sexed will be priced at $4.75 for pullets and $4.00 for cockerels


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Sometimes we may have kittens, ponies or something else available. 

Nothing currently available. 

Stud Services

We thank you for your interest in using one of our males in your breeding program, however at this time we are not offering any of our studs for service.  Biosecurity is a big issue when allowing or introducing new stock onto any farm.  Many diseases could possibly be brought to our farm from other animals and we have chosen to not allow outside breedings.

GOATS:    At this time we will not be allowing outside breeding to any of our buck goats. We are working towards forming a closed herd.  For bio-security reasons we prefer not to allow goats onto our property or allow our goats off the property. However if you are looking for something specific, just let us know.  We may be able to help you locate just the buck you need!

RABBITS:  Not offering our bucks for stud for biosecurity reasons. 

GREAT PYRENEES:  Not offering him as stud at this time for biosecurity reasons.

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS: Not offering him at this time for biosecurity reasons. 

Pigs:  Not offering our boars for stud for biosecurity reasons.

CHICKENS:  Have some hens?  Have  a broody hen? Want a few fertile eggs? We can either sell you properly collected fertile eggs (sorry just cross breeds at this time) or sell you a rooster!!  Don't really want a full time alarm clock ?  We may have multi-breed Rooster Rentals to choose from.  Contact us for more information.