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About Our Soaps

We started our "natural" soap company in 2016.  Our goal is to eventually use 100% organic ingredients.  Currently many of the ingredients are produced (naturally) right here on the farm!  (Lard, tallow, milk, herbs, honey, beeswax, etc)  We are still experimenting and having a great time.  I don't think that part will ever many options!  We are using only all natural colorants (herbs, clays, purees, etc) and are only using essential oils or herbs for scenting (no synthetic fragrance oils). 

Due to certain regulations you will not see our soaps listed as "acne soaps" or "moisturizing" or "healing".  We will suggest that you look up any listed herbs and/or essential oils on your own.   I will also make sure you are aware that the scientific jury is still out (so to speak) regarding how many of the valuable properties of herbs would make it through the saponification process anyway when making cold process soap.  You might just have to try one of our "sampler" grab bags just to try some out for yourself!

We have

Assorted shampoo bars (for you and your dog!)

Hand soaps

Body soaps

Facial soaps

Foot scrub bars

Odor Elimination bars

Felted bars of soap

Shave soaps and Shaving mug kits

Laundry Bars

Pet soaps

Gift Baskets 

Currently Available

Feel free to contact us at 616-834-4431 or email us at for current availability or to request a type of soap. We are constantly adding and selling out of different soaps.  We are also constantly experimenting so we also offer quite a few different "experimentals". 

We are able to accomodate most soap needs - vegan, scentfree, etc.

Approximate pricing is $6 / 4oz bar,  some smaller bars run $3.50/bar and our bags of assorted bits and pieces run $7.00 each.   

Laundry butters and Laundry bars available. 

All laundry butter purchases will also incur a $2.00 jar deposit unless an equal jar is exchanged (all our jars are Ball mason jars).   

We are able to ship soaps.

Need a gift basket?  We do that too!

$3.50 Soaps  (2 oz or larger)


Specialty Items

Grab bags - A great way to sample our soaps!  5-6 assorted bars.   Approximately 1 pound of soap!!   $7.00 each These bars are some of the "end pieces" or less than perfect pieces.   Most bars are smaller than our typical 4oz bar.  

Laundry Soaps

Both of our laundry items great to use to "spot treat" or "pre-treat" non-delicate laundry items. 

 Laundry butter - 1 pint jars  $5.00 each


Laundry Bar - 4oz bar $4.00 each (100% coconut oil, no fragrance) 


100% coconut oil bar - great for a pre-treat or use in making your own laundry powder


$6.00 Felted Soaps

We use primarily uncolored goats milk soaps to make our felted soaps.  Scented and unscented. Sizes do vary a little, but generally we use approximately 4 oz bars. 

 Felted soaps. All natural cold process goats milk soaps covered in wool. 

This makes a wonderful "scrubbie" soap with great lather. 

Some tips:
Using it in the shower may reduce the lather, best if used out of the stream of water. 
It floats! Great for camping. 
Allow it dry out between uses
Felted soaps will last longer than regular soaps
Once the soap is gone, use the felt pad as a sachet by adding a drop or two of essential oil or it can be safely composted.

Soap designs can be monogrammed for no additional charge. 

(Soap designs may vary slightly from what is pictured) 






***I have been super busy and I'm finding it hard to update our soaps here fast enough since we rotate through inventory fairly quickly.  PLEASE contact us for currently available soaps as the below soaps are only examples.  We also now produce some soaps using micas and fragrance oils for more vibrant and fun colors and scents.

$6 Soaps (4oz or larger bars)

 Camo Soap

Goats milk soap

Lightly scented with Rosemary.  Activated charcoal and comfrey as additives. 

 Birch Bark Soap

Goats milk soap

Rosemary and lemon scented.  Activated Charcoal additive.



 Peppermint Hot Cocoa Soap

Goats Milk Soap

Scented with peppermint 




 Starry Night Soap

Goats Milk Soap

Scented with Lavender

Some of our "Dog Series" soaps...

Red-Tri Soap and Black and Tan Soap.  

Goats Milk Soap

 ***Would you like us to try and match YOUR dog? 

Send us a photo and we can talk pricing.***



Our Blue Merle Swirl actually comes in a few varied shades.  The first one pictured below is our light merle (and our inspiration for the soap itself!) 

Scented with spearmint, champhor and lemongrass.

Goats milk soap.   



Christmas soap

Goats milk soap 

Scented with Frankincense, Lemon and Orange



Facial Bar 

Scented with tea tree and lavender

Includes activated charcoal, juniper berries, sea salt and yarrow directly in the bar. 

Goats milk soap 



Snowy Night Soap

Goats Milk Soap

Scented with Lavender