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Below you will find our 2021 piglets listed by litter.  

I will rarely litter notify with both registries so will see NA in some columns until I decide to send in dual registration. 

Status will start out as "evaluating".   Evaluating means we may be waiting for DNA to come back to see who the sire is so that we or other buyers can determine if a particular animal will fit their breeding program. It may mean that we are holding out a bit to decide if an animal is registration worthy.  It may also mean that we are looking at over all quality to decide on pricing.  

Then once I am done evaluating, I will switch to one of the following designations:

Sold (means animal has been paid for)

Pending (means animal is waiting for a deposit)

Deposit Received (means a deposit has been received for that animal)

Retained (means we will be keeping that animal)

Available (means animal is up for sale)

I upload most of our pictures to the Facebook page.  If the name is clickable it will take you to a photo album of just that piglet.  Often I will not do individual photo albums, so scroll down to the litter photo album. 

Stillborn piglets or piglets deceased before weaning will not be included in the tables.  

Check out our main Kunekune page for more info on the boars and sows listed as sires and dams. 

As always, feel free email us with any questions. 

DOB: Pending   Dam X Sire(s)