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Coming late 2015 or early 2016

We have one grassfed Jersey heifer and a few grassfed goats that we will be offering herdshares on. 

How does a herdshare work? Basically you will be purchasing a percentage of either our cow or a percentage of our herd of milking does.   After you own a percentage of the animal, it's yours and therefore you can legally take and possess the raw milk from said animal...your own animal!  You don't pay for the milk...ever!  You however will pay a weekly fee to help with the care and feeding of your percentage of the animal or herd.   The duration of the ownership to be determined. 

How much milk will I get?  Well that depends on how many shares you buy!  For instance if we sell 10 shares of our cow and you buy one share, you own 10% of her.  Now say she gives on average 4 gallons a day, your share of that would be .4 gallons per day (or approximately 2.8 gallons per week).  You are even welcome to come and get your share of the cow manure! 

Can I sell my share(s)?  Only back to us.  If you are no longer interested in your share of your animal let us know and we would be happy to buy your percentage back.  If you know of somebody interested in your share feel free to have them contact us and we will sell directly to them...unfortunately we can't honor third party sales. 

How often will I get my share(s)? We would like to schedule weekly pick ups for each shareholder.  Best case senario for each person to get the freshest milk, would be for each shareholder to pick up on a different day.  We will work this out more specifically as we get closer to offering shares.

Pricing:  TBD 

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Farm Production Totals

Wow...I'm WAY behind in posting totals.  I guess 2017 will be a better year.  ;)


(last update 6/22/17)

Meat: 0

Vegetables/fruits: 48#

Eggs (chicken only):  1038

Honey: 0

Maple Syrup: 0 (this year is a bust)

Fiber: 2.94 oz

Babies born/hatched: 97

Jars into the pantry (dehydrated and canned): 16

Milk: 20+ gallons (I haven't been keeping track very well!)

New Additions:  12



(last update 10/31/15)


Meat: 362#

Vegetables/Fruit: 551.88#

Eggs: 1918

Honey: 28#

Maple Syrup:  2 gallons

Angora Fiber:

Babies Born/hatched:  157

Jars into the pantry: 113

Milk: 16 gallons

New additons:  60 (plus a nuc of bees)
























Meat: 240#

Vegetables/Fruit: Didn't keep track

Eggs: 3348

Honey: 1 pint

Maple Syrup: None

Angora Fiber: 5 oz

Babies Born/hatched: 168

Jars into the pantry: 150

Milk: 5 gallons