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Sharing the cornerstones of good natural living and self sufficency. 

Basic Seminar and Farm Tour


Our basic seminar includes an informational farm tour which lasts about 2 hours depending on the group size and amount of questions we field at each stop on the farm.  Also included if required will be an intensive question and answer session after the tour.  Each adult participant will receive a wonderful versatile potted Comfrey plant to take home.  

We will touch base on the natural raising of goats, pigs, bees, poultry and rabbits.  Included in those discussions will be livestock protection, making hay and fencing options. The plant portion will include, small acreage gardening, soil care/amendments, planting low maintenance high producing plants and some herbal information.

Fees: (discounts noted)

 $20 per person for adults 17 years and up (couples registering on the same form are $17 each)

Well behaved supervised children ages 5-16 are welcome as well for $5 each (multiple children $4 each)

Children under 5 are free

DISCOUNTS:  Multi person discounts as listed above only.   The multi class discount is not available for this class. 



1st Saturday of each month May thru September.  Start time 11:00am.  Please contact us to confirm we will be holding open tours.    

Class size:

Minimum None

No Maximum class size.

Age requirements:


Dress code recommendations:

No open toed shoes.   Older clothes and shoes that can safely get dirty are recommended.  Dress for inclement weather (we will try and post the expected forecast on our Facebook page the day prior to the event) as classes will be held in all weather…..rain or shine, hot or cold. 

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Farm Production Totals

Wow...I'm WAY behind in posting totals.  I guess 2017 will be a better year.  ;)


(last update 6/22/17)

Meat: 0

Vegetables/fruits: 48#

Eggs (chicken only):  1038

Honey: 0

Maple Syrup: 0 (this year is a bust)

Fiber: 2.94 oz

Babies born/hatched: 97

Jars into the pantry (dehydrated and canned): 16

Milk: 20+ gallons (I haven't been keeping track very well!)

New Additions:  12



(last update 10/31/15)


Meat: 362#

Vegetables/Fruit: 551.88#

Eggs: 1918

Honey: 28#

Maple Syrup:  2 gallons

Angora Fiber:

Babies Born/hatched:  157

Jars into the pantry: 113

Milk: 16 gallons

New additons:  60 (plus a nuc of bees)
























Meat: 240#

Vegetables/Fruit: Didn't keep track

Eggs: 3348

Honey: 1 pint

Maple Syrup: None

Angora Fiber: 5 oz

Babies Born/hatched: 168

Jars into the pantry: 150

Milk: 5 gallons