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Boer and Boer/Kiko Goats DEPOSIT


We have a wonderful assortment of hardy and easy tempered Boer and Kiko goats.  

We raise our goats as naturally as possible.  We strive for low maintenance hooves and goats who can thrive on low maintenance input.  Superior mothering instincts is a must with our goats.

To add to their appeal, our goats are prolific milkers!   Since we enjoy these meat breeds for many reasons the availability of goats milk is just a plus!   We utilize our girls to the fullest!  

Do you want show or pet quality...we've got that! Are you looking for meat or breeding stock....we've got that too!.


See our Kids pages for pictures of available kids. Check out our buck and doe pages for more info on our breeding stock. Please contact us for availability and any questions on individual kids.


This is for a DEPOSIT ONLY. You must specify which animal you are putting a deposit on.


Sales subject to availability.


Please specify the name of the goat you are putting a deposit on.

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