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Felted soaps


4 oz (+/-) bars of cold process goats milk soaps covered in natural wool fibers. 

This makes a wonderful "scrubbie" soap with great lather.


Some tips:

Using it in the shower may reduce the lather, best if used out of the stream of water.

It floats! Great for the tub or camping.

Allow it dry out between uses

Felted soaps will last longer than regular soaps of equal size. 

Once the soap is gone, use the felt pad as a sachet by adding a drop or two of essential oil or it can be safely composted.


Soap designs can be monogrammed for no additional charge.


Since I do not post every picture of every felted soap, please let me know what type of soap you would like.  Animal? Plant? Critter?  Certain Colorscheme?  You can answer those questions in the ordering process.  Felted soaps will closely resemble those in the photos, but each felted soap is a handmade original and all soaps will vary slightly. 

What would you like your felted soap to look like?

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